When Running Tried to Kill Me

Well, I shouldn’t say it only happened in July because I think running has tried to kill me several times. But on July 4th it seemed like running was trying particularly hard to do me in. Not really sure why I keep doing it.

Anyway, I have smartened up to realize that running 1/2 marathons in the summer in Minnesota isn’t really on my list of to do’s any more. It’s just too hot. No matter how cool it is in the summer here it’s still going to be too hot.

On a side note, when I tell people I live in Minnesota they always say “Oh, you must love the cold”. And I always say “Well, I love the cold except when it’s boiling HOT in the summer”. Because for some reason people think it’s cold here all the time. I could only wish that summer would be pleasantly in the 60’s and dry and perfect. That’s not how it is here.

Back to the race. I signed up to do the 1/2 at the Red White and Boom on the 4th of July in Minneapolis. If you recall last year they cancelled this race because it was too hot and the EAS (Event Alert System) warning was black flag. Yep. So maybe I’d learn something from that and apply it to the following years but hope springs eternal and so I signed up.

It was hot. Really, too hot to run. The warning was only yellow flag but funny enough, was red flag about 1 hour and 30 minutes in. I should have known better.

I wasn’t into this race when I got up at 4ish to drive up. I just knew it was going to be hot and unpleasant and I couldn’t get that out of my head.

So, the start temp was mid 70’s–sounds nice, with a dew point of oppressive at 69. It’s just not pleasant but I lined up and off I went.

Ignorance is bliss at this point.

I carried water, something I never do in a race because usually they provide enough water but at every 2.5 miles I know it wouldn’t be enough. I don’t know why, when it’s that hot there isn’t water more frequently.

By mile 4ish I broke. I couldn’t breathe, I had to walk, it was quite miserable. That lasted for about 3 or so miles. I tried to run more but I could only manage a couple of blocks. Surprisingly I was pretty ok with finishing 1/2 hour or more off my pace. It was hot, the dewpoint was hovering at 70, the pollen count was high and air quality not that great. At mile 8 the ambulance was picking up someone at the side of the road. At least I was still running/walking. And it improved around mile 9–I was breathing well and was able to run a little longer. I managed to take a couple of pictures while I walked, mile 10.5 maybe? The good thing was until about mile 9 it was overcast cause when the sun came out it was REALLY hot.

I finally finished, slowest half ever but I wasn’t last. And I loved my slow people around me. We were a happy bunch all trying not to collapse.

At the end, soaking wet, but still standing

Next up is Chicago next weekend. And, because somewhere my common sense prevailed, it’s a Rock n Roll 10-K. So happy I didn’t do the 1/2 because it’s supposed to be 90ish degrees (ETA more like 100ish with the heat index which means dew point of nightmarish proportions. next weekend. I mean, we run by the lake but I don’t think the lake breeze will cool it off enough for it to not.be.hot. Then I have Western Days, 10K trail, then Scheels Relay-6.5 miles. See a pattern? I think my next half is September then I have a couple more. But I’ve learned my lesson. I don’t want to be that uncomfortable ever again.

I drove home but needed some map assist to get out of the city. I pull up my maps and my concerned phone told me I should be going to work. Come to think of it, my phone often tells me to go to work. Stay in your lane phone, I don’t live at work.

The next exciting thing we did was go and buy furniture. We went to Drury’s in Fountain. They have a LOT of nice furniture. It might not be the least expensive option but it’s home town and service is good. Our goal was new couch. We can’t take ours anymore. We tried out many different models and I have to say Dave genuinely got into the spirit of the thing.

At least he wasn’t snoring

We didn’t get that one, but we almost got this one–

But instead we bought these two-in a lighter color:

I didn’t particularly want the love seat with console cause I think drink holders look tacky, but it actually fits our space better because we don’t have a lot of side table space. Of course, it doesn’t hold a mug if you are drinking coffee/tea etc. But that’s ok. The couch doesn’t look that puffy in real life and the upholstery is somewhere between leather and fabric.

What I will say it is so comfy and it reclines AND it has a USB port on both sides. Dang it. We haven’t had a comfortable couch and enough seating downstairs since we moved in 5 years ago this month. Sigh. We are getting rid of both our couches and just have the chairs upstairs which looks much better. So there’s that.

Then, once we got started, we decided to go all out and got a new mattress too. Have mercy. Testing out the mattresses almost got us removed from the store. I think the staff got wise when Dave wanted to dim the lights and please turn down the music. We haven’t had a good mattress in nearly 10 years. When we bought our previous mattress the minute we got it home we knew it would be too hard (Thank you Dave since you wanted that one). We got a Serta firm foam mattress and I am telling you sleep has never been so good. I’m writing a lot about our new comfy furniture but we take our purchases very seriously here. The couch doesn’t come for another 8 weeks or so. Just in time for football.

And that’s all I know about. It’s another day. I have a pedicure later at the Rejuvenate Spa upstairs from the gym. I wouldn’t go ordinarily due to cost BUT I have a coupon. Yay me. AND today I am getting new running shoes. It’s been a year and mine are flat.

So it’s a whole big day planned–my goal in the next couple of weeks is to purge my craft area and clear out some space. I know I can do it. Pretty sure anyway.

In the meantime, Lacey and I went walking on the Douglas trail a couple of weeks ago, and we enjoyed it very much!

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