Welcome Back Humidity

It’s not been all that warm here. Lower than average really, but thankfully for us the humidity is back. Oh, lovely humidity. It’s my worst enemy.

But let’s back up a bit.

I had some fun catching up with my friend Tiffini. And in catching up we agreed to do the Grand Forks Half in September. I don’t know what I was thinking….although I can be talked into a destination run anytime, and this one is within driving distance, which is easy enough.

I haven’t done a whole lot else really. Besides trying to train for the runs I keep signing up for. Dave and I attended a quilt show last weekend, the 14th of June. There were beautiful quilts on display and lots of vendors. We bought a vibrating pillow and a new lint roller that is reusable. I didn’t buy any quilting supplies but I loved all the quilts. Don’t forget to click on the image to embiggen.

Not to mention the night before I had dinner with my friend Jill, who came down and bought a new long arm, which she’ll have a lot of fun with.

This last weekend was Ragnar Sunset. Because of my ignorance of updating my Ragnar profile, I was listed at 9 or so minute miles. Same with Cathy. And since we were the only two registered they gave us a super late start time thinking we were faster than we actually were. We had 4 hours to beat the sun and we almost made it! The sun set at 9:04 and we finished at about 9:13ish. Ashley, our closer, ran like the wind. I ran like the winded. I was first and started at 4:45. I finished around 5:50ish. 10 minute miles. Dang. (I have since updated my Ragnar profile to reflect my decrease in speed……). But I was aiming for an hour and I was pretty close so I was happy with that.

I didn’t get a picture of Ashley’s finish cause we ran in with her. Actually, we ran in behind her because we couldn’t keep up.

It was really a fun event and we all agreed we would do it again next year, if they do it again next year. Ragnar can sometimes be a little inconsistent on their venues.

Afterwards, we hit the pub, McGarry’s, It was fabulous food after the afternoon and evening runs. We got there at 9:55 which was 5 minutes to closing. We thought we’d have to move on but they made one last dinner for us and stayed open while we ate. 5 Star review on service and food. At least 5 stars.

Dark but you get the picture.

Last but not least Cody graduated from residency. Yes there was a party and no, I wasn’t invited AND learned about it on Instagram. Gawd. Cody said parents didn’t really go to this event and he didn’t think it was worth it for me to get out there for it. However, I would be the judge of that I think.

Either way, they got all dressed up and looked sharp, as required by the Navy.

And that’s all caught up. Next week is the Fourth of July. Already. Crazy. I am running a half marathon that day, which may or may not be very pleasant. When I sign up for this stuff it seems like such a good idea at the time…………

Have a happy holiday!!

Puddy says Half Marathon? No thanks.

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