Everybody’s Irish

Happy Late St. Patrick’s Day. I find it interesting that in Ireland, well, not so much. St Patrick was born in Roman Britain and then brought to Ireland as a slave. He escaped that and then ran away from the monastery and converted to Christianity. This was very long ago, in the 400’s or so. He then, supposedly, confronted the Druids and “abolished their pagan rites making Christianity more widespread”. Oh, and his name was Maewyn. You can read it all here. He did become the patron Saint of Ireland and he died on March 17th, 461.

It was when the Irish came to America that St. Patrick’s day became the thing that it is. We needed something to cheer us up, because back in the day the Irish in America weren’t so popular. Everyone needs to go back to those days and see how that felt, then come back to now and have a whole new outlook on people who are escaping oppression, starvation, and fear for their lives. But we can’t so just know the Irish struggled….a lot.

So, that’s what happened there. But on March 17th everybody’s Irish, right? On March 16th Cathy and I ran a race called Everybody’s Irish. Should have been called “Run like the wind on an icy covered road while trying not to fall down” but that’s too long a title for a race. I think it’s more accurate though.

It was supposed to be warmer…..

My weather curse stayed alive as it was supposed to be in the 30’s but was actually in the low 20’s. Of course it was. Thankfully there was no wind so really, the race wasn’t too unpleasant that way. It was just very slippery. It was a “you could break a hip” slippery.

But we survived and I was actually second in my age group. Yay for being faster than all the other people crawling on the ice.

The real fun started after the race. We did our favorite thing called the “Post Race Bloody”. With Medals. And a delicious brunch. The Urban Eatery.

And the rest is green beer history….

Everybody’s Irish

After recovering, this weekend is nice and sunny and warm. I’ve seen people walking around in shorts, although it’s not that warm. It’s Minnesota warm I guess.

We got out with the dog but did not wear shorts

The Sniffing Dog Under Blue Skies

Soon it’ll summer and hot and we’ll be in many less layers than this. For now, though, I think I’ll just enjoy spring.

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