It’s been a minute hasn’t it.

To catch up, Elgin did get adopted and is doing fab in his new home. Luke stays with us. He’s very happy here and only runs from us most of the time instead of all the time. No, I shouldn’t say that. I can pet him almost all the time where ever he is, usually after he runs away from me first.

A little snuggle while knitting

He wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. Plus, not sure I could catch him to get him anywhere else.

Christmas was here. It was great–despite the pandemmy. Blane and Justin came for a few days. Blane brought Koda, Daisy’s BFF.

A boy and his dog….

For some reason I don’t have a pic of Daisy and Koda together. Although they did have a nice long stroll out at the Douglas one of the days. And Daisy just loves Koday, although not sure the feeling is mutual.

We did our traditional ugly sweater picture.

We had a fair amount of snow happen which always makes the cats happy….

Poppa LOVES the snow. I have a couple of clips of her in the snow, but I’m too cheap to buy the WordPress package that allows me to post movies on my blog.

But I can import from YouTube–

May I just add in this spot that I do NOT like my first and last name displayed on YouTube but I can’t figure out how to fix that. Maybe some day. Either way, this is Poppa in the snow. (LilyPad, Poppie, whatever her name is today)

Before you wonder if I just threw her out there, I did not. She had a whole snow free trail where she would walk but she can’t resist the virgin snow pack.

Before we had the snow though, we had a big ol’ windstorm which took out quite a bit of the neighbor’s fence.

And since then we had snow and cold and cold and cold. January has been a very cold month. Like daily single digits cold. Like no dog walks for a week, then two weeks, cold.

We are both dreaming of the great outdoors.

Dave had a birthday though. I got him a nice cake.

Do you sense a theme?

Unsure why I don’t have a picture of the bday boy though. That probably would have been a good idea. But he looks the same–if you need a reminder go back to the Christmas picture above.

So, tomorrow is Feb 1st. Wow. I ran outside yesterday and maybe again next weekend? I’ve been going to the gym faithfully and started a running program to get me going. Running intervals on a treadmill in a mask is dedication. And hot, really really hot.

At least I can run tho. And now off to finish a quilt, or table runner, or something for Pine Needles. I have been able to get quite a bit of sewing in–cause haven’t been outside much. The good news is that it’s getting lighter out. Lighter earlier and later. Visible progress.

Here’s to a warmer February.

Rodents Of Unusual Size

Happy Holidays

It’s December. Thanksgiving is past and time to roll into the holidays. This year we didn’t decorate much and I scaled back on the presents. That seems like the right choice for our second pandemmy Christmas.

We put up the tree.

Our lovely cat proofed tree

We couldn’t put any presents under the tree nor could we hang any breakable ornaments AND they all had to be up high. Why, you ask? Because of this:

Yep, these four are hella on a tree, and every other Christmas decoration we have around. Don’t they look so sweet tho? We’ve already found ornaments all over. I found one in the bathroom when I got up yesterday. Like they were slipping a little prezzie under the door for me to find in the morning.

Jack, on the other hand, is too dignified to ever get into the tree.

I’m fine, thank you.

And that’s the five cats that are living here for now. However, the white faced orange one, Elgin, is likely getting adopted next week so that just leaves four. The house will seem so empty…..

I forgot about this one……

It won’t seem empty. Daisy will just fill up the space.

I went to Nashville right before Thanksgiving. Oh my land it was so much fun. I went with my friend Cathy and her cousin Jenni. Couldn’t have asked for a better group for a road trip.

We got there Thursday 11/18 and went to the house we rented over a little creek. I will say I have never stayed in a house over a little creek before. It was a great place. Perfect for us.

Our goal was to run the Rock n Roll Half Marathon Nashville. So we went to the stadium, got our stuff, and had some fun! Cause that’s what happens when we get together. Did I mention that our little group did the Rock n Roll Run the Strip at Night race in November of 2014?


And cut to November 2021:

Now. Some things never change….

Anyway, back to going to the stadium…..

Nissan Stadium, Nashville Tennessee

We got our stuff, and then found some things to occupy our time, including lunch and bevvies.

Music and beers. What we live for!

We had dinner at home and binged out on Yellowstone. We got very caught up in the cowboy soap opera with the high body count.

Next day we got up and raced our race. Jenni, being younger than us, ran faster. Cathy and I stayed together and had a fab time running and walking. We saw lots of the sights of Nashville.


We enjoyed the after party. Great singer, Tom Yankton, who, by the end, was only singing to us because the rest of the crowd left. Yep. They left. Cause there was no beer and one place to get hot dogs. I mean come ON Nashville. RnR’s new thing is to give free non alcoholic beer now. Like anyone wants that. We bought one beer and then they ran out. We were stuck drinking seltzers only because we were thirsty and it was the ONLY choice. Jenni said she would never in this life drink those drinks again. Never.

I have to agree.

We found some interesting places to have dinner after the race. We dropped back by the Local and then the Supper Club. Dive bars are my jam.

I ask you, when is the last time you saw one of these….like 1970?

Gosh, we were tired by the end of the day and only got a couple of Yellowstones before we had to go to bed.

The next day we headed back north–but before we left this—

Ever had a cucumber bloody?? So refreshing

We ended up stopping at St. Benedictine for beer and a pizza. OMG, it was delicious AND our pizza was made by the nuns.

We ended up in Effingham Illinois which I felt was so fitting as I use the phrase ‘effing’ almost 40 times a day.

And after all was said and done we made it home.

Thanksgiving was quiet with just me and Dave and Justin in attendance. We did make it up to the cities on Friday after to have lunch with Debbie and Jay, who are visiting for a while.

So, to circle back here we are sliding into the holidays. Which will be upon us in no time. We don’t have any snow yet but it might be coming soon. So far, the trail looks like this.

So, off to binge on Yellowstone, send a couple more Christmas presents, and hope my cards come soon. Stay warm everyone, and I’ll be blogging for Christmas.

Wake me when it happens

Traveling Pandemic Style

Well, I finally took a trip. It’s been 20 months since I have been on an airplane. This from the person who was on an airplane ever 2-3 months!

It wasn’t too bad. No one had a fit on the airplane about wearing a mask, thank God. I fly either Delta or Alaska and I feel like there are less problems on those airlines. But maybe not. I will say that there are many people who don’t understand how to wear a mask. I’m not sure the concept of covering both nose and mouth with the mask is a hard concept, however, it seems to be lost on many many people.

And the annoying flyers were present as always. Like when I was sitting on a row of four seats with my backpack on one seat and this WOMAN leads her husband and child over to my row and says in a loud voice “Well, she’s taking up two seats…..”. There was a row of EIGHT seats right in front of me. All empty. I said “I’ll move”. She was a Karen for sure.

But otherwise the flight to LAX to see Cody and Maral was uneventful. Their apartment in Monrovia was very cute, but mostly packed up cause they are moving to their new house soon. As a matter of fact, we picked up the keys for the new house that weekend.

I flew out to visit, see the new house, and to run the San Diego Rock n Roll with Cody and his friend Bobby.

We ran a half together once before in Virginia Beach-

September 2017-Ready to Run

And today–

October 2021

I ran the half and they ran the full marathon. I ran till a little past mile 6 then I did a little walk/run action. I was able to take lots of pictures while I enjoyed the race. It was fun as heck. Also, it got a bit warm which wasn’t bad for me but about killed poor Cody.

And all of us managed to finish…..

Bobby acted like he just got done with a leisurely stroll….jeepers

So it was fun. I am hoping to maybe do the race again in June. Cody would like to repeat it and see if he can get a better time. He got too hot and tired and although he was on point for the first 17 miles, the last 9 did not go well.

I know the feeling.

We got to visit the new house when we got home from the race–

It’s really a fabulous house.

We ate out the night before we ran and had a lovely view-

We had excellent weather but the day I left an atmospheric river came through. So although it would have been nice to be able to sit inside and watch the rain, I had to go back to LAX and fly home.

And home I came. I was glad to be back on roads where cars drive freely and don’t stop and go, stop and go, and stop. Although I look forward to going back and seeing how the new house is coming along.

Cathy and I ran a race too, at the beginning of the October–the Driftless Half Marathon out of Lansing IA. We ran the relay and have run in before. I forgot how hilly it was. But the weather was beautiful and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

I didn’t mention either at the very beginning of the month was quilt retreat. It was so much fun. I didn’t take many pictures but I did get a couple….

Now it’s November and the holiday season approaches. I have a couple of races, one local and one in Nashville which should be fun. Not sure what I’ll do next year. I did sign up for a Florida race in October 2022. I’ve never been to Florida so that will be an adventure.

We still have all the pets, Daisy, the spitters, etc…..

Our Lilypad, aka Poppie, hasn’t been feeling well this weekend. She’s got some constipation that won’t go away. She’s cost me my paycheck in emergency vet fees and then at our regular vet. Hoping she feels better soon. Puddy is mad about everything which resulted in having to move a cat box upstairs. It is ALWAYS something.

So–here we go–heading into the Winter like a champ. Hoping it goes as fast as summer did.

Fall 2021

It’s supposed to be fall but the thermometer has said otherwise lately. It’s been in the 70’s and almost 80 for the past weeks. Even running in the AM I’ve been wearing a skirt and t-shirt. Maybe this week it will start to be cooler.

I have one week of work before vacation of 10 days. My PTO is red lining at cap and I have to burn some. So instead of just taking a few days, I decided that it would be fab to take a week and a half. Life is good.

I have a lot planned. I am going to LA to see Cody and run San Diego RnR. But for the first part of the week I have the yard to clean up, some sewing projects to finish, fabric for my class at Stitches West 2022, some knitting swatches. I have it all and can’t wait to have the days to do it.

September had a couple of fun events. I did the Med City half, slowly but I did it.

Cathy and I went to Veg Fest 2021. Gosh it was so fun. Not as many vendors as in the past, but still worth it. Can’t wait till next year.

Blane and I went to the Seahawks/Vikings game. We had the BEST seats and to pay us back for our support Seattle lost in epic fashion. I have to say I’m not a big fan of the Vikings stadium but it was fun.

Dave and I sent and saw Paula Poundstone. She was funny and always a pleasure. I thought she was a little rusty but hey—it’s her first tour after covid. I enjoyed myself.

We were front row balcony. It was only about half full.

We still have cats, lots and lots of cats. Well, our three and the two fosters. They were at the store for about 10 days which didn’t net an adoption. They aren’t the most snuggly. They love to sit in laps but don’t approach–they will run away and get all upset. They are also attached to each other. Maybe they could get adopted together?

Enjoy–Will catch up during vacay….the countdown begins

I’m back.

Gosh, I realized in the last months that I haven’t had the energy to blog. And it does take some energy but seriously? Months?

I feel like this pandemic thing has sucked some energy out of my normally energetic self. There were so many changes, I moved home to work, didn’t travel, not much racing, still not back to the gym. I mean, I don’t think I have to say to anyone that we all had to change our lives in dramatic fashion. As one who processes change slowly, I am just getting around to accepting the new reality and moving on with life. I didn’t do much with the garden this year, I didn’t blog, I did finish a sweater but don’t really like the results (it was a learning experience). I’ve finished a few shop quilts over the summer. I got a little promotion at work. Blah, blah but I feel like fall is going to bring back the mojo.

Stitches West, 2022 is happening. In person. I am over the moon about that. I have been taking Stitches at Home classes and have done some really fun garment things. Broke out the serger and really used it this year. For the first time. I do love the serger. I signed up for a hand sewing class cause I won’t be able to get a machine there. I’ma saving up money for market. Squeee.

Going to LA in October to run San Diego RnR half. I will have run almost all the distances offered in that race. That was my first marathon, then I did the relay, now the half. Cody is running the marathon with his friend Bobby. Here’s a little throw back from our half in Va Beach.

We got way overheated…..

Going to Nashville in November with Cathy to run Nashville RnR. Our plan is more of a run walk so the race will be enjoyable. I did run the Med City earlier this month (September) and it was a slog but I ran the whole way. I have a new pre race plan and it worked pretty well. San Diego will be on my own terms.

I also ran Women Run the Cities in August. We will never speak of it again.

Cathy and I did our annual Healthy Half relay. It was a great day and we had our requisite post race bloody at Brothers. I can’t lie, beers were consumed in the afternoon.

Oh, we also finished our bathrooms. Gosh. That was an ordeal. It was about 6 thousand more than I budgeted for so I didn’t like them even though they are super nice. I am now at peace with the remodel. I mean, the upstairs bathroom looks so much bigger, cleaner and more organized. They are beautiful.

The workers got to know LilyPad very well.

I don’t have good finished pictures but next time.

We have had all the fosters. Actually, we didn’t cause of the remodel but when we started taking them in again we got FIVE.

That’s Belle in the lower right hand picture right after she came to me with her dirty face. These are all from a farm where there were 60 cats. The adults were fixed and the healthy ones sent back. The kittens were adopted. Dave named every one. Elgin and Belle are the only ones not adopted. They are at the store now but if they don’t go by the end of the week I’ll bring them home. Honestly, Dave really misses them.

We got a new Dog, Daisy. She’s some sort of mix, very sweet and very tall. I didn’t think she’d be quite as big. But there you have it.

Everyone came to visit in July and we had a total of six dogs in the house. And five humans, five fosters, three house cats, and the bird.

Lacey is under my feet digging a hole. Don’t ask.

My nephew moved to Mpls in the Shorewood suburbs. So my sister Debbie will likely be a regular visitor and at her last trip up we had a nice visit and shopping spree, including Loren Park Art Festival. It was such a nice day.

So, today Blane and I are up to the cities to see the Seattle/Vikings game. We are sitting in the best seats so it should be a good game.

Next weekend is Quilt Retreat. Can’t wait for that. I’m still giving Covid vaccines on my day off, and I get my booster on Thursday.

Oh, and I have done stuff with Dave like going out to dinner in the cities and a wedding in Dubuque with all his brothers and sister (except Edith)

I think that’s enough blog for now. I’ll try to do another soon and catch up with more stuff. AND new bathroom pictures.

Glad to be back!

What Happened to March?

OMG. I realized last week that I never blogged once in March. I don’t even know what happened. And now there’s a whole month to catch up on. Ugh. I had this big goal of blogging a little more often so it the post isn’t just one long ramble of my activities.

So, I am going to whittle it down to just a high-light reel of March.

First of all Mama and Baby (Cammie and Riley) were adopted–together. Oh, it made my heart so happy to see them go with the cutest family ever.

I mean really. I couldn’t have hoped for better. I will also say that these were two of the most beautifully colored cats I have had the pleasure to meet.

If there wasn’t a quilt background this picture of our cats would be monochromatic

After Mama left Puddy came our of hiding. I didn’t realize how hard it was on Puddy to have Mama here. Lily pretty much got over the bossing around and stood up for herself, but Puddy isn’t that kind of cat. Thankfully, it’s back to normal here.

It was my birthday at the beginning of the month of March. I got some flowers from Cody and Maral and the most delicious bundt ordered long distance from Nina, who is my bday twinsie.

Cody and Maral also sent the cats a fish. It moves. And I’d put a little video in here but I’m not sure I want to upgrade 63 dollars to do so. I’ll think about it. In the meantime, Here’s a link to watch some rando cats goofing with said fish.

I took a class from Stitches called Pop Up Pinafore, taught by Sonya Phillip who is the maker of 100 Acts of Sewing. I made this little dress and plan to make a couple more garments.

I have finished it off and added a pocket but I didn’t take a pic of that for some reason. I bought some super cute fabrics from Knit and Bolt and plan to make this in the dress style, and I got a pattern for a tunic. I am taking my craftsy class for my serger right now, and when my downstairs gets back together plan to take the class I bought for working with knits.

Yes, the downstairs is bare and waiting for new floor. The bathroom is getting done…..

The bathroom pictures are actually from a few weeks ago–the vanity, toilet, fixtures and lighting is in. But that’s for the next post. We are having some probs with the design on the vanity so we have a few things to work out. The tile work around the shower is lovely tho, and really makes the room look bigger.

I took a trip to Grand Forks and visited with Blane. I can’t even tell you how much fun that was. I was blissfully alone for almost 6 hours in my car. I had podcasts and a book and Sirius when all else failed.

Blane has a cute apartment, but I suppose he doesn’t think it’s cute. But it was quiet and very functional for him. He lives close to the Red River and we went on some nice walks there.

We drove a couple of hours on Sunday, almost to Canada, to Pembina Gorge State Recreation Area. It was supposed to be a nice day on Sunday but it got cloudy and sort of cool. But it was certainly nice to hike around in the forest. The dogs loved it too.

Be sure to click on images to make bigger if needed.

I’m almost sure I left out the part about the 7.5 inches of snow mid March. You know, right after it all melted and for a week it was gloriously snow free and almost, but not quite warm.

One of us thought it was fun…..

It melted fast though and we had some super warm March weather. But now we are back to April, and, well, you know.

“We’re in Minnesota, so here’s the weather forecast: the rest of April: cold; May: cold; June: cold; July: somehow hot as hell. Back to y’all.”
–Saturday Night Live; cold open (April 10, 2021).

Nailed it.

I think that might cover it for March. There were many dog walks and I’ve been going every Thursday to do Covid vaccines at the NW clinic. That’s kind of fun and different. It’s a good feeling to get those shots in the arms. Maybe someday we can get back to normal. Like not feeling funny when I went out to dinner with some friends and took my mask off. IN A PUBLIC BUILDING. I was freaking out it was so weird. So I hope we can someday get over that.

In the meantime, here’s Elsa. She is slimming down quite nicely after I fattened her up accidently. She loves the sun and the yard and eating twice a day!

We should all be so happy.

February 2021 is cold AF.

I am telling you now, it has been cold for two weeks. Two.Straight.Weeks. Like below zero every day. Which means no running outside, no walking dogs, no short strolls to get away from the house. Nothing. Nada. Now, back in the days before a global pandemic if it got cold I could head to the gym and run or do a work out or whatev to burn off steam. Now? Not so much. I do zoom classes 3-4 mornings a week but it’s not the same as being able to get down to the gym for a run. Gosh, I miss that that most of anything that I’ve had to give up doing in the past year.

This month I have a week off. This week, the week of Feb 15th to be exact. The reason is that this is the week of Stitches West. The highlight of the year. Well, one of them anyway. This year we had plans to stay even LONGER than usual, adding one more day to the mix. This year is also the last year it was to be in Santa Clara. After 6, or is it 7, years of attending we had it all worked out. But sadly, it’s cancelled this year and next year we will be in Sacramento. It’ll be a whole new world to navigate. However, there is much more to offer in Sacramento than in Santa Clara. Like, there was very little in the way of dining or shopping within walking distance of the convention center. So this should be a better venue. It doesn’t matter. It’s Stitches West. With all the knitters.

Last February, 2020, looked like this:

And February 2021 looks like this…..

Yep, it’s all cats, a sad dog, and me. With Dave. Ya don’t need pictures of us to understand this mindset.

I did have a nice beer party with Cathy to kick off my week off tho. We always do that right.

So there was that. But otherwise I have no where to go. I am planning a trip to Grand Forks in March. Just cause I had days off because, again, I was supposed to be traveling to Washington DC for a race. Probably a good thing that I’m not cause I have very little training in for a half. All the races are in the fall which should be ok and for which I should be ready.

Cathy and I were planning to go to Nashville for the Rock n Roll half marathon in April. Didn’t sign up though cause I made that mistake last year and sho’ nuff, it’s cancelled till fall. I’m sure all the races I want to run will be on the same day. The race in San Jose that I’m signed up for in October (the third deferment from the original 2020 DC RnR) is on the same weekend as quilt retreat. I plan nothing in 2021 and already have a conflict on the ONE weekend I make a plan. Ironic.

During this week off I have cleaned out my craft area, gotten rid of bags of old fabric and yarn (still trying to figure out what to do with that stuff) dyed some yarn….

Looks like noodles…but don’t taste

…..finished a table runner and found three finished quilt tops that need to be backed and quilted. I am also sewing together the center of a project started a few years ago and never finished. It’s this one:

Paradise in Blooms, by Judy Niemeyer.

As you can see the center is a circle and there’s more going on outside the circle. I had all that….but not finished and not appliqued and I knew I’d never complete it. So I’m sewing it together. It’s not that pleasant. Just saying. Then When I get the circle done I’ll back it or something. I can already tell that getting it to go together is going to be a painstaking journey.

Otherwise. Nothing new. Cause not going anywhere or seeing anyone. Barely getting outside although it was up to double digits, in the teens, yesterday and we were able to walk the dogs for the first time in 16 days. Waiting to start the remodel. Going back to work next week. La di dah. Watching Netflix, Amazon, and HBO Max. (I started watching Still Game out of sheer desperation and I am loving it-FYI you are welcome for the tip)

So, everyone out there–stay warm, enjoy the rest of Feb. I’ll still be here. All the time. For another month….And even then I won’t go far for long…..

Jack is the best pillow ever.

January-Where’d ya go?

What happened? Time is so weird. It seems like it drags along here in lockdown, and then it’s 2021 and suddenly we are almost in month two. I just don’t get it. How does that happen?

It was wonderful beginning of the year getting a new president and all. I feel like the adults came back home. And the quiet…the quiet. It’s so wonderful not to hear the noise of lies and divisiveness droning on and on non stop.

I got my first covid vaccine and am actually getting the second today, Jan 25th which is when I am writing this but who knows when I will post it!. The first vaccine was fine, no reaction. A little worried about the second tho. I am vaccinating today and will get it towards the end of my shift. Dave got his first vaccine this week through the Minnesota Dept of Health.So–we will be good to go. Will still be taking precautions but will feel a little safer.

We are still hosting Mama and Baby. Baby is growing up fast. I had her to the vet because the foster agency said they would amputate her leg cause it was a birth defect. The vet said it was a contracted tendon and to massage the foot four times a day for 20 minutes. And massage we did. Her little foot has straightened out and she is just walking on the top of it. It’s not all bent backwards anymore. Now if we could just get her weaned. Gosh. I had her eating a little bit yesterday but today-not interested….again. I can’t really leave her food in the room cause Mama eats it. Dilemma.

Just chillin’, not weanin’

She’s five weeks old now.

Poor Lily Pad (aka Poppie) is on the receiving end of Mama’s wrath. We let Mama out for a while yesterday and poor Poppie was just walking by the door to her room when out runs Mama for the ambush. I had to hold Poppie for quite a while to calm her down. I put some bird videos on my computer so she watched TV under the blanket with me. Ugh. That was the only upset tho. We had Mama out for quite some time before she attacked Poppie.

I will say that Mama is very loving to us. She purrs and wants to be held. Gosh. I just wish I could trust her in the general population.

January was my dry month, as per usual. Except on Jan 1st Cathy and I had a beer blowout. Since we never see each other in the deep pandemic winter (because the gym is closed and running is iffy) we decided it was WAY overdue. Sushi and beer made New Year 2021 Beerfest a screaming success.

That was a great evening. We outdid ourselves, that is for sure.

The great bathroom upgrade of 2021 is also coming right up. We picked tiles and fixtures for up and downstairs bath.

And of course, as in all good reality home improvement episodes, the price just went up about 6 grand. But hey–who’s counting…………

I can’t wait to get rid of this ugly crap–I put in all the pictures of my horrible bathrooms so you could appreciate why I would spend a good chunk of my savings on upgrades.

I’m sure I’ll remind you when the new bathroom is done. But this is basically your cheap builder bathroom–ugh. And who thought knobs for the hot cold water controls in sinks was EVER a good idea. No and all the nopes. And the cracked enamel in the sink making the lovely stains….oh and the round bulbs-I can’t live with it anymore. I suppose I could have lived with it if only it weren’t for that pesky pandemic and working from home and having to look.at.it. 24/7.

Lastly I finished up the holiday mystery quilt.

The problem is to the left…..

I couldn’t get the wrinkles out because I was battling Poppie. Nuff said.

Well, what’s left? I am still vaccinating for Covid for Mayo–opening up to patients soon as the front line staff is almost done. And I did get vaccine number two since last blogging above. Yay me. Not much reaction but I also got it and came home and went to bed. Sore arm today.

I’m on my last two days of cat sitting for these two.

It’s been three weeks and I think they would prefer to have their owner back. We have had some interesting conversations tho.

Green Bay lost the division championship…again. Dave said he’s starting to understand how the Vikings fans feel. I knew as soon as the game started we were in trouble. Sigh. Well, Seattle and Green Bay out. I’m straight up Kansas City now. I know the Buccaneers haven’t been to the Superbowl in a while but Tom Brady? Can’t get behind him.

So, with that on to Feb. I’m getting packages ready to send to Debbie and to Cody. Why I had a child one day after my sister’s birthday is beyond me. Poor planning for presents.

Enjoy the day. If it looks like it’s getting stressful, do like Poppie and seek the zen of the Amazon padded envelop


Holiday Post

We had the most fabulous Christmas here. It was quiet and so chill. It was just me and Dave and Blane, along with Blane’s dog Koda and our gang.

Just the three of us…..plus one

I think I might have needed a touch of make up or something as I look a little ill there. But rest assured, I was fine and feeling good after coffee with a tich of Bailey’s, and a stack of pancakes.

We opened prezzies and chillaxed about the house for a while. Then Blane and I took the dogs out for a walk on the Douglas Trail. Which, of course, we took not one picture of.

But I will say it tired out Elsa to an extreme….

I can’t even right now

We had a family zoom which was fun and we watched some football-Perfect Christmas day.

On Christmas evening I got a text saying that there was a foster mom and baby with a little deformed foot that needed a place. Well, I was all in and on Saturday evening Mama Cammie and baby came to stay for a bit.

As you can see, that right rear leg is bent over. She still gets around good tho, even though her eyes are still closed and when she arrived her little umbilical cord was still there. Mama is extremely protective. Poor Lily Pad (aka Poppie) ran into the room and Mama was on her like a bullet. I couldn’t separate them it was so brutal. Then Lacey got her worked up by sniffing under the door and when I went to leave she darted out behind me and took on the whole crew. Elsa didn’t know what to think. Poppie ran for her life, having been on the receiving end of that rage.

So we have a gate up blocking the hallway to prevent all sniffing under the door and we’ve had no problems since. I also think Cammie is relaxing a bit more. She doesn’t leave her baby much and she is quite the momma. Baby has gained over an 1.5 ounces in three days which is right on track. I was very worried I might have to supplement but nope, Mama is feeding well.


So onto 2021 we go!! Lot’s of things to do, places to go, pandemics to get through. Onward!!

Nuff said.

Christmas Week is Here

We are almost at Christmas and I have to admit I’m a little excited. Blane is coming to visit and I have some presents under the tree. We will have a zoom Christmas get together and I got a couple of games for that. Low key but fun. Sadly I think it’s going to be pretty cold (It’s all relative so I’ll be specific–negative digits during the day) so we won’t be getting out for some nice walks. That’s the only bad part.

So for a pre-Christmas post I thought I’d just display a few of my favorite ornaments–

There’s also some sunglasses, an ornament from Savannah, a glass pumpkin pie, and a cow on top of a carrot. I don’t know the meaning of the last one.

Our Tree in it’s entirety.

So, you can see there’s some big boxes under there. I couldn’t wrap them all. I also didn’t send cards this year. But I might send a bunch after Christmas. I think that might work. I wish people would just look at the blog. There’s the whole year in one place!!

All the packages I sent (all three of them) arrived at their destination intact. I was a little worried about Cody’s present as I paid for two day delivery and sort of put some liquids in the box but denied doing so when they asked. After said contraband box went off the grid for a week I was a bit worried. But then, Christmas Miracles do happen….

Oh, and the other thing in time for Christmas is our new rug. Which we love to pieces. It’s wool, should live forever, and no one has barfed on or otherwise defiled it..yet. I mean, it’s been a week almost.

So, onward we go.

Still working at home but volunteering for Covid Vaccination. Have my first shift Monday. It doesn’t move me up in the vaccine line but it’s good extra hours if you can get them!

However, not sure this will happen in the vaccine lines….

Happy Holidays!