Holiday Post

We had the most fabulous Christmas here. It was quiet and so chill. It was just me and Dave and Blane, along with Blane’s dog Koda and our gang.

Just the three of us… one

I think I might have needed a touch of make up or something as I look a little ill there. But rest assured, I was fine and feeling good after coffee with a tich of Bailey’s, and a stack of pancakes.

We opened prezzies and chillaxed about the house for a while. Then Blane and I took the dogs out for a walk on the Douglas Trail. Which, of course, we took not one picture of.

But I will say it tired out Elsa to an extreme….

I can’t even right now

We had a family zoom which was fun and we watched some football-Perfect Christmas day.

On Christmas evening I got a text saying that there was a foster mom and baby with a little deformed foot that needed a place. Well, I was all in and on Saturday evening Mama Cammie and baby came to stay for a bit.

As you can see, that right rear leg is bent over. She still gets around good tho, even though her eyes are still closed and when she arrived her little umbilical cord was still there. Mama is extremely protective. Poor Lily Pad (aka Poppie) ran into the room and Mama was on her like a bullet. I couldn’t separate them it was so brutal. Then Lacey got her worked up by sniffing under the door and when I went to leave she darted out behind me and took on the whole crew. Elsa didn’t know what to think. Poppie ran for her life, having been on the receiving end of that rage.

So we have a gate up blocking the hallway to prevent all sniffing under the door and we’ve had no problems since. I also think Cammie is relaxing a bit more. She doesn’t leave her baby much and she is quite the momma. Baby has gained over an 1.5 ounces in three days which is right on track. I was very worried I might have to supplement but nope, Mama is feeding well.


So onto 2021 we go!! Lot’s of things to do, places to go, pandemics to get through. Onward!!

Nuff said.

Christmas Week is Here

We are almost at Christmas and I have to admit I’m a little excited. Blane is coming to visit and I have some presents under the tree. We will have a zoom Christmas get together and I got a couple of games for that. Low key but fun. Sadly I think it’s going to be pretty cold (It’s all relative so I’ll be specific–negative digits during the day) so we won’t be getting out for some nice walks. That’s the only bad part.

So for a pre-Christmas post I thought I’d just display a few of my favorite ornaments–

There’s also some sunglasses, an ornament from Savannah, a glass pumpkin pie, and a cow on top of a carrot. I don’t know the meaning of the last one.

Our Tree in it’s entirety.

So, you can see there’s some big boxes under there. I couldn’t wrap them all. I also didn’t send cards this year. But I might send a bunch after Christmas. I think that might work. I wish people would just look at the blog. There’s the whole year in one place!!

All the packages I sent (all three of them) arrived at their destination intact. I was a little worried about Cody’s present as I paid for two day delivery and sort of put some liquids in the box but denied doing so when they asked. After said contraband box went off the grid for a week I was a bit worried. But then, Christmas Miracles do happen….

Oh, and the other thing in time for Christmas is our new rug. Which we love to pieces. It’s wool, should live forever, and no one has barfed on or otherwise defiled it..yet. I mean, it’s been a week almost.

So, onward we go.

Still working at home but volunteering for Covid Vaccination. Have my first shift Monday. It doesn’t move me up in the vaccine line but it’s good extra hours if you can get them!

However, not sure this will happen in the vaccine lines….

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays

And so the Holidays begin!

Let me start with what happened over the past month.

Our little Bill got adopted and it was a very nice adoption. It’s obvs that he’s pretty chill at his new home. I can’t wait for more updated pics to see what he looks like as a young man!

The new place is oh-kay

We then got a new kitten we call Inky. The original Inky was one of a pair of cats we had when I was very small. The first cats we had–Tiger and Inky. The current Inky here in the pictures was found in a wood pile in the neighborhood. I’m not sure what her story is. Maybe her mom was a pet once, or was kept outside as a pet. I think somewhere in her background she had some human experience. BUT not a whole lot. It took some time to get her to like us and want to be around us. We taught her to play and she’s starting to be a cat but she has a ways to go. She had a meet and greet last week which resulted in her hiding behind the bed and me dragging her out several times. It did not end in adoption. So I have another couple interested and they have more experience with cats. She’s super cute and she does like to be around us. It’ll just take time.

She’s fattened up but still loves to eat. At first, when she came and she was so skinny and unwell, she couldn’t stop eating, but that’s settled down. Hoping that the next meet and greet goes better…..

I finished a couple of shop quilts. I got a picture of the first one

Houses, aren’t they cute?

I made another quilt which I didn’t take a picture of but here’s a sample of the fabric.

I took a Stitches Expo class at the beginning of the month. Now, don’t get me wrong, nothing can replace the in person Stitches experience. Nothing. It’s the best thing ever. BUT–this class from J C Briar was about as good as it could get. I learned so much and applied what I learned, Slick Set in Sleeves, to a sweater I am making and a sweater I’m starting. Best sleeve class ever. And she’s such a good teacher.

Learning things at home!

Here’s my sweater….

Yep, I short rowed the heck outta that sleeve cap.

So the glory of what I did might be lost on some, but believe me when I tell you that it was nothing short of miraculous AND so much better than knitting a sleeve and trying to seam it in. Just saying. I also learned how to modify a pattern and that’s my next daring feat of sweater madness….swatching now.

Speaking of Swatching, if you haven’t watched Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s patreon best practices videos you are missing out. I get it’s 6 dollars a month but man, is she a good teacher. I watched one about making fabric and I learned more than I could possibly say in the space of 30ish minutes. 5 stars, highly recommend.

November was an odd month, if I may say, related to the weather. So October we had cold, snow, record cold highs, you know, slamming right into winter. And then November. It was down right balmy. I mean, it was in the 60’s one week. For a week. I was running in the AM in capris and a tee shirt. But that kind of thing can’t last and we again returned to the cold. One morning we had a storm that was so crazy it was dark until 10 AM. We wondered if we should be taking shelter somewhere…..

But now it’s back to normal. Cool, icy mornings and lovely sunsets.

I’m still working at home. I was going into the office a couple of days a week, but now I’m back at home. I have to say I do love working from home. I got a little camera for my computer so now I can share my face which means that I have to look ok from the shoulders up. I will attempt to shower on the reg.

Working from home: it’s not without it’s challenges….

Yesterday, Sunday Dec 6, was a perfect running day. It was cool (well, honestly it was cold) but no wind and lot of sun. I ran 7 miles and it was pretty darn fab. I do think the visibility was over miles tho.

And lastly, I finished another shop quilt, Solar Flare. The cats had to be locked up for several hours in their room, watching bird TV, while I laid it out and then sewed it up. I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt but when I left to sew a row and came back to a complete mess they had to go. It’s not a quilt that can be disturbed…..

It was ok but not sure I’d do another one. Especially with more squares and two more rows.

And in an update–Inky did get adopted last week. The couple who came were very experienced with cats and knew a think or two about squirrely cats like Inky. They thought they might change her name but did comment that she did look just like a little Ink Spot.

I will never have to date any pictures cause I’ll know that mask wearing pics are from 2020

Hoping to post again before another month goes by. It’s actually easier to post more often cause I don’t forget the things that have gone by.

So–here’s to sooner rather than later.

One Month Later………

Gak. I am finally manning up and going to the dentist today. I thought I would start a post before I go though. Ugh. I don’t like the dentist, Covid or not. But I had a long reprieve because of Covid so there are some positives in a pandemic.

In recent news though Rose the cat got adopted. I mean seriously I am two for two in the great adoption stories.

A premed student and her roommate are now the proud owners of Rose. Well, one of them is the owner but as roommates they are sharing her and both in LOVE.

If this is any indication I’d say Rose is going to be VERY spoiled.

I dropped her off and it was love at second sight. I mean seriously. She is the most loved cat right now. It makes me very happy. She will celebrate her diva status every day being an only cat. She was getting a bit bossy around here and not particularly loving the other cats. Now she has two personal slaves at her beck and call. It’s going to be a great life.

In the mean time we picked up a new foster. They posted the need for a foster for this little kitten that was found out somewhere. I don’t know the back story.

When we first brought him home he instantly ran under the dresser and wouldn’t come out. I named him Wild Bill cause I thought he was feral. Turns out he wasn’t completely feral, just shy and afraid. And hungry. His love of food brought him out and turned him around.

So, a couple came last night and they would love to adopt our Bill. Dave told me that he wanted to keep Bill but he was too late. He’s been adamant that we only have three cats. Sigh. But Bill is a strong healthy guy and we have done well in socializing him. He’ll do well in his new home and we’ll get another one that needs us somehow. See ya Bill, it was a great time knowing you.

Speaking of cats that need help….out little Poppy, aka Lily Pad, is still having some problems in the leaking dept. She seems to be ok with her constipation but she’s still leaking urine. Now I’m sure this is not what anyone wants to talk about but the implications are that it’s hard on our house. Fortunately, she doesn’t sleep on the furniture much. She is ruining a dog bed, and sleeps in her cat basket (that can be washed and aired), on my little pad next to my computer (also washable), a blanket on the back of the couch (again, washable) and sometimes with me at night (on a towel and a pad). I’m not sure she’s feeling quite well this week tho. She was playing all the time with Bill but she’s got tired today. She perked up for a treat so there’s that. I wish she could tell me.

Please do not disturb.

I apologize that this post is all pet related. I am wondering if this is a by product of a pandemic where I basically do nothing but analyze my pets? Wow. I am not that person.

Sticking with the theme though we have been walking Elsa off leash on the trail. She LOVES it. She thinks being a regular dog is ok. She runs and trots and sniffs. Good ol’ Elsa. I wish she was a little less afraid of human interaction but when you are a breeder dog for 6 years I guess the window of socialization sort of closes. She’s better with us now after 3 1/2 months. Gosh, is that all it’s been? Seems like a lifetime of Elsa.

I’m out. And not posing for ya damn pictures

We tried to get the perfect shot cause she’d run up the majestically turn and do a perfect lab specimen pose. But every time we’d try she’d move or turn or something. Anyway, just know she’s thinking running in the woods is a pretty good time. She also comes when called and doesn’t run off the trail. Unlike 100% of the other dogs I’ve ever had.

Speaking of dogs–Cody and Maral got a new puppy-a Newfiedoodle. Who knew THAT was a thing? Meet Bombor the dog.

I’m a wild and crazy puppy

In crafting news I am working on this quilt for the shop–almost done!

Easy and pretty darned cute

I’m also doing a mystery quilt with PNQS. I will finish clue 2 today just in time for clue three!

I signed up for a knitting class through Stitches Expo–Slick Set In Sleeves. I am just about to do the sleeves on my sweater and I wanted to try to pick up stitches and work the sleeves down. It’s a thing. But this is the class that will teach me how to do that. I went through my projects last night and am planning to finish up a couple of things and then cast on another sweater kit I have. It’s old and the pattern is no longer online. I looked in the Ravelry pages to see if there were any knit up I could study. Only one had a finished project and said the pattern had a “lot of errata”. Oh boy. I guess I’ll have to do another google search, but if I can’t find the corrections I hope I can figure it out.

AND–then to top everything off we are having some snow. Yep. Last week we had three inches on Oct 20th. Record breaking.

Of course, this all melted here by Thursday. Yay us. And THEN, yesterday, October 25th, it started snowing on our walk around 10:00 AM and then snowed all day. We had about two inches which again broke a record. I didn’t have the energy to photograph it. Snow this early makes winter very very long on the back end. Like when it’s still snowing in March most of us are just south of homicidal.

We did treat ourselves to some sushi, which didn’t disappoint.

That’s what I’m talkin’ about

So, I guess that’s about it for this month. I won week 2 on my football league and am heading into Monday night tied for first place this week. I’m in second place for total points. If Seattle would have won I could have had almost a perfect week. Gawd. Thanks for nothin’ Seattle.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner–Sweet prize package.

I’m off to face the day. We are almost into November and the holidays. I guess I should start planning for the start of the birthday streak, which starts with Blane and ends in Feb with Cody, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I usually have all of it done by now. Or most of it anyway. I shop all summer for little things. Sadly, not this year. Online shopping–here I come.

Enjoy the rest of your Month!!

Four Cats at the Trough
A couple weeks before snow. Sigh…..

Are Ya Ready for Some Football?

It’s here. The 2020 Football season has arrived. And with it September 2020. I mean there has to be something right? A little glimmer in 2020 that keeps hope alive? I seriously would like to pay for a cardboard cut out of me to be in the stands in the empty stadiums. Hoping we make it through a whole season but who knows? I have at least enjoyed the first few games.

Let’s see, what’s been happening….

Back in late August Cathy and I actually ran a real live race. I KNOW. We kept waiting for cancellation but nope, ran it we did. The Healthy Human Half Relay was back again. They did a great job of social distancing and I didn’t ever feel crowded. I barely saw anyone with me. I will say it did get a bit warm but thankfully my leg was overcast and early. Once we got finished it was time for the post race brunch and bloody, and then a beer or three to seal the deal.

That is what I’m talkin’ about

After a great brunch at 5 West we walked ourselves up to the Tap Room West (our west neighborhood makes it so we never have to leave) for a top off.

What a great day it was

Oh and yes, we had a designated driver so all was good. Our only race this year.

In other news we fostered a dog named Rosie–not to be confused with our foster cat Rose. Apparently she was listed on Craig’s list and then a week or so later ended up at Animal Control. I picked her up not knowing what to expect as I had been told she was somewhat aggressive to other dogs and to some people. But after I got her, and she got home, it turned out that she was the sweetest dog. Yes, she did have dog aggression but after some initial grumbling she got on well with my two. She was also very smart. Someone took some time with her because she knew how to sit, lie down, kennel, and fetch a ball (when she felt like it).

She’s so cute! But, as much as I loved her I already have two dogs, and a third wasn’t feasible. I was planning on an out of town trip in October to Grand Forks (stay tuned for more on that) and I had to ask for help with fostering. Turns out, an adopter was found and Rosie, the luckiest of all dogs, got adopted. She went to a 50 acre spread with three other dogs and the most wonderful owner ever.

Rosie’s new spread

I mean, what could be better and apparently the princess continues to be spoiled rotten…

I couldn’t have had a better adoption ending. As for my dog fostering days….well, those are over. I may babysit but no more fostering. I peaked with Rosie.

Rose the cat is still here tho.

Armrest Pillow

She’s a good cat, likes to be petted but not picked up and held really. She’s also a real chow hound. I’m going broke feeding these beasts.

Puddy and Rose go round and round. They don’t seem to get along yet Puddy seems to egg Rose on. The fighting is a bit annoying but that’s what it is. Still, since Rosie the dog has left the cats are again emboldened to be out and about and enjoying the entire house again.

Rosie has been gone for a week and I’m not gonna lie, the energy level dropped a LOT. I mean as soon as I got home from dropping her off it was like a different place. It was so quiet.

But we have adjusted and moved on to other things. Mainly that Lily Pad got very sick. Very. She’s a foster I adopted cause she’s just so cute. Three legs, no tail? Can’t say no to that.

BUT–she also has some nerve damage to her back end and one of the problems that’s created is she gets constipated. The past couple of weeks she has had huge hard poop (I know, TMI) which has been difficult to pass. In the end she just couldn’t and she filled right up. When she started vomiting she bought a trip to the vet. Poor Poppie. She got cleaned out and we are hoping with a LOT of laxatives she stays regular. Oh, and she’s on a special compounded drug called Propulsid. Guess what that does? Good Lord.

So it’s been three days now and she’s sort of feeling better. We had to keep her in a kennel because of some drainage issues (I’ll just leave it at that but after two enemas, colonic lavage, and manual disimpaction, well, use your imagination if you must). I’m trying to get her to eat cat food again but it’s taking a lot of baby food toppings to get there.

I feel like crap, literally

We have to limit her outings as there is still some drainage. And this type of news is how I social distance because after reading this no one will ever want to come over, let along sit down, in our home again.

Also, it’s probably a little off putting to have a giant dog kennel with a cat box front and center in our living room. It’s how we roll now.

ETA–So the new symptom is that the drainage (TMI) was actually urine so now we have a whole NEW problem. Sweet Jesus.

Why do I have to lay on this towel?

We have been doing lots of walking with the dogs. We hit the Douglas Trail after a rain storm so we had it all to ourselves with no bikers yelling at us.

And we took a little stroll around Cascade Lake too

This was Photo with the Dogs, Take 17

I’ve been doing some sewing too. Although after work I’m not usually in the zone. Martha (Doesn’t) Take A Trip quilt marches along. As I may have said before, because this is 2020 and nothing is really working out, neither are my squares. This quilt is written for a different template tool of which I thought I had the equivalent. Apparently not because all of my points in the center square are gone and the blocks are an inch bigger that they are supposed to be. I’ve tried modifying every which way but know what? I’ve just quite caring and am soldiering on.

I’ll eventually lose the star points too. 2020-enough already.

The fabrics are super fun. Lot’s of cats and weird little faces and foxes and just what I love. I am over half way with these squares, I need 32 total. Then I start on the next type of square which I’m sure will be as pointless as these.

We’ve had some smoky AM’s and PM’s, but no smoke in the air, unless you count my neighbors annoying backyard fire smoke. Ugh. The atmospheric smoke makes for orange sunrises and sunsets.

I did a bit of the Covid spending (before I did a bit of the medical pet spending) and I ordered a frame (finally) for the picture I bought in Norfolk a couple of years ago. 2018 to be precise. The year we ran the terribly hot and humid Rock and Roll Va Beach

Throwback to pre Covid days when we didn’t care about being in the crowd. No masks here….

I digress, here’s the picture with the frame I bought.

War Time

This painting is called War Time by Briton Riviere. It hangs in the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk. It’s a bit depressing as the man is supposedly holding a letter informing him of his son’s death in war. Yikes. But I really like the painting. So there it is. It will be added to my gallery wall. I have a few pictures in my unframed collection to add. This isn’t that big of a picture really. So plenty of room to clutter up the wall.

In closing, I just want to say Rest in Peace RBG. I have your image right next to me every day, and because of you women today don’t get turned down for jobs because we are young, newly married, and “might get pregnant and leave”. Thanks Ruth Bader Ginsberg. You will always rock.

The Notorious RBG

Happy August

So I was reading an e-mail blast from WordPress the other day. (Is it even one word? I should know that). It led me to a link on the topic of writing a better, more readable blog. Hmmmm. I’m sure there were a lot of hints, but a couple stuck with me. One-use short sentences. Ok. Can do. And Two–people like pictures. Well, Can do that too. I should have a readership of thousands at this rate. Although I keep getting followed by men I don’t know. Same with Instagram. But I digress. Oh, and not really big words either. I think digress is ok.

Last we met on my Blog I was just back from my big trip to Veseleyville, North Dakota. Where, as Melanie told me last week, they have some sort of special NoDak immunity to the Covid and don’t need masks or social distancing. I think that also extends to South Dakota where Sturgis is currently full steam ahead. I got a good laugh out of that (she was kidding, FYI). But when I stopped to get gas on my way to their house the NoDakians were in full swing and ya wouldn’t know there was a pandemic in the rest of the world. Well, maybe not the rest of the world but here, in America.

So, not to be a downer about that, but as I type this I have three days left to work before my 10 day vacay. Sa-weet. It was supposed to be a trip to Oregon for family reunion but instead is a staycation. Blane and Melanie are coming down next weekend and I can’t wait to have some company. It will be fun.

So with all these words I better post a picture–per WordPress advice….

Posting pets such as this one will push the follow requests sky high.

Elsa is fitting in quite well. She went into heat on 07/20–two weeks after arriving. That was a fun time. I spent a bunch of money on diapers for her which she promptly removed. I would then find said diaper laying in the hallway without the wearer of the diaper in sight. So, we just gave that up. BUT–any of you that don’t have a spayed pet (take this as a shaming to do so) that is big and 70+ pounds get an adult diaper and cut the tail out. Nuff said.

Anyway, Elsa soldiered on, even though she didn’t feel so great cause she LOVES to take a walk. She has learned that walking is great fun-especially when out on a trail.

And what about Lily Pad? Aka Poppy. She has all the nicknames by now, but Poppy is sticking for a while.

Ok, I think that should be enough to carry people through the next paragraph. Although I do have some nice shots of our hike we took at Nerstrand Big Woods.

So we did that and it was such a nice day. I’ve been too hot for about a month now and so the slight cloudiness and cooler temps in the forest was blessed relief.

Before we did this on Monday I celebrated National Girlfriends Day with my National Girlfriend Cathy.

Keep Calm and Drink Beer DAMMIT.

Her front porch was the best. We were social distancing for the most part but Cathy is part of my bubble as we have been seeing each other since day one of pandemic. Like several times a week. Since we are locked out of the gym we have been running 2-3 times a week. So, yeah. sometimes we just need a few beers…

On the home front we got a new foster cat–Rosie is her name. She was in the quarantine for a few days in the bedroom.

I am Rosie. Let me out of this room. Now.

Then we put up the gate so the natives could do the hiss of disdain without physical contact.

You think those two intimidate me?

So, after a couple days of this I let her out. There has been a bit of the hiss and spit and glaring at each other but Rosie is not one to be cowed. She is herself at all times.

Dave spent a lot of time with her in the bedroom. FYI-he was “acclimating her” whilst lying on the bed watching TV. Anyone else see what I’m getting at there? She’s been out for about a week and she’s settling in. I think she could be with any family, although maybe not small children cause she’s not big on being picked up and held. She is big on following you everywhere you go to see what’s up, and she likes a good lap sit.

In a final push, we got a new car. I KNOW. The saga of Park Place Motors in Rochester MN (not EVEN going to link it because it’s not worth my time) continued on and on and on until I traded in my car. ,

The Jetta had a failed head gasket a few months ago. It had 83,000 miles on it and I am still mad. The people at the dealership were like, well, that happens. No, actually it doesn’t usually happen on a car that has been driven carefully, serviced regularly, and garaged daily. It took a while to diagnose because I took it in several times before that for the engine light. They wanted to do a 300 dollar test but weren’t clear what that test would do so I said no. I also took it in once to remove the testing tool they left in one of the cylinders. Yes, that.

So it finally completely failed and it was a head gasket and I was so mad but I paid the 2000 dollars and had it fixed. It took over a week cause parts were slow or something. I drove that car onto the lot with no other problem than a head gasket. When I picked up the car I was driving it off the lot and when I went down their driveway onto the street I heard a thunk in the right rear. I thought– but because I couldn’t bear Park Place and their smugness one more minute I just left. We spent a couple of months listening to that and trying to figure it out, including my riding around the neighborhood in the spare tire compartment. I finally took it back and I explained nicely that it was fine until they worked on it, and when I got it back it wasn’t fine at all. 611 dollars later the noise was two broken coil springs. Which, they told me, was such a common problem in the Volkswagen they just happen to carry the parts. Which is a big selling point if I wanted to buy another one. And it was a coincidence that they blew when I drove off the lot.

I.was.done. I asked for the springs that came out of the car, parts they say were rusted through which were actually more like sheared off. I told the service staff person that I wasn’t satisfied, I don’t know what they did but it happened on the lot and obviously they are selling expensive cars to people with lotsa money so it doesn’t matter what they charge me cause they are still getting their money. I don’t have another 3000 dollars to spend on my cars, cause that’s what I’ve spent there in four months. The guy is like Every Customer is Important. Yeah, an important dollar sign that you can provide crappy customer service to. Cause maybe some people don’t know better, but I do. I’ve hung around mechanics long enough to know a few things. And the most important thing I know is that Park Place is done ripping me off and I told them I’m never coming back and here’s why……

BECAUSE–I took the BMW (I’m just referring to that car as an asshole now) and had a 700 “tune up”, including 100 dollars to change the oil. I know, this is on me, why do I do it? Well, for one thing I didn’t realize some of the costs I was going to incur. Two weeks later when I took the Jetta in I realized the BMW was leaking oil. BUT I JUST HAD IT IN THE SHOP. So when I brought that up to the service person he says well, on this report card it says there’s seeping in the oil pan gasket. And I kindly responded “Well, when I picked it up and looked you in the eye and said Is there anything I should know about my car??? You said no, they have the bill ready over there” And then I was so mad I made the decision that night to sell the Jetta and get a new BMW guy.

Through the grapevine I have a guy AND I’ve heard he’s really good. So I called last week about my leaky gasket and the first thing he said was “well, it’s labor intensive and I’ll have to do an oil change”. WHAT? Now, in a customer service world Park Place just had another EPIC fail. Cause why didn’t they call me about the leaky gasket BEFORE they changed the oil??

This is a lot of words to say that the very night I picked up the Jetta I started looking at cars. I found a Subaru Outback, 2019, with 9800 miles on it at Walser Subaru in Burnsville and long story short, cause WordPress is breathing down my neck to post a picture post haste, two days later I traded in that damn Jetta and got me a nice shiny car.

We felt bad leaving the Jetta sitting there being sad, but I’m not putting in more hundreds on that. It had 86,000 miles on it. And many problems. AND we treated that car like royalty. I’m also hoping that the BMW can’t crack this car like it did the Jetta. They sat in that garage and plotted against me. I know they did.

Currently, the BMW is sitting on a tarp dripping, sort of like Elsa and her diaper. At least that’s how I see it. Damn car.

And that’s it so far. Next weekend I actually have a race. I know. It’s crazy. It’s the only one this year. I am kind of worried but also I want to run a race. They are limiting starts and have a bunch of waves so I’m hoping it will be ok.

More to follow.

Enjoy the day, wear a mask, stay six feet apart, and wash ya hands.

Sunset over the neighborhood

Get Outta Town

I did it. I traveled. Likely the only travel I’ll do for the rest of the year (The November OK trip is still up in the air for me).

Ahh, the open road.

Friday, 07/03, after I worked half a day I took off and hit the road to go North to Veselyville.

It looks long cause it is long but it goes quite quickly. And on Friday there weren’t any road closures. It was a holiday for most people so the traffic wasn’t bad–everyone had left in the AM so it was just us afternoon stragglers. I really wouldn’t have cared cause I was on.the.ROAD.

I stopped off in Moorhead, just before Fargo on the MN/NoDak border to get gas and can I just say–NO respect for the Covid there. Blane says they just “put it out of their minds” and that’s how they deal with it. Cause it certainly isn’t by wearing masks or social distancing. Blane and Melanie have to wear masks at work, but no where else and neither does anyone else. I got a couple things in the store where NO one was wearing a mask except me, and NO one was social distancing. Well, they sort of were but it was grudgingly and they were pushing the limit of 6 feet…by about three feet. I got gas and then briefly took a car bath with hand sanitizer and some disinfectant wipes. Yep. It was very anxiety provoking.

I stayed in my car the rest of the way and didn’t see anyone but the Blanes all weekend. And that was ok with me.

Did I mention it was super hot? We had the 10th longest stretch of over 90 degree days in the history of 90 degree days from the end of June until about 2 days ago. It was 2 weeks of hell. I could take 90 degree days but the dew point….

The temp was in the upper 80’s…at 11 AM.

That dew point is the little throwing up icon in the dew point chart.

Just a reminder….

So we were still in the thick of the 10 days when I landed at Blane’s house. It was hot outside, maybe upper 80’s at 7:30 PM, and it was mid 80’s in his house. I realize now that I am incredibly spoiled with central air. Incredibly. That was the hottest night and they do have a standing A/C unit which we turned on in the AM the very next day cause the temps and humidity were climbing.

And even though there was a huge storm early Saturday AM that cooled things off it didn’t last long.

We know that cause we went out fairly early to walk the dogs and immediately got too hot.

We didn’t last long.

I spent the two days I was there watching murder on TV and going in and out as we could tolerate it.

They have an above ground pool which I think is so ugly but let me tell you, it wasn’t ugly when I needed it.

Sunset on the pool

And after taking a dip on Saturday AND Sunday I was a believer.

Selfie Game now on point

I got a pic of Blane and Melanie which I thought was eerily American Gothic Above Ground Pool Style

Well, sort of.

It’s something about the scooper net. Which was Blane’s whole purpose in the pool.

Even the cat got into the act.

She was not amused

Yep–that pool was a life saver.

Even though we didn’t do much, and the weather didn’t support much walking or hiking, I had so much fun for the couple days I was there. It’s really a beautiful spot, and so quiet except for the yahoos setting off the fireworks from 10-10:45 SUNDAY night. Um, I guess figuring out that the fourth was SATURDAY was just too hard. Ugh.

This year’s crop is wheat, the most pleasant of the crops in our opinion.

There were also pets–

And Kitten is in the house.

Yep–it was a very nice time and I was sooooo glad to get away.

Monday I went home via Sandstone MN where I went to pick up our newest pet, Elsa the Lab

She’s so sweet and I wish I had some cuter pics of her. She’s very shy and timid but I think she will come out of her shell after a few months. We have learned she hates fireworks and thunder. She loves hot dogs, cat food, and walks. Lacey thinks she’s ok and I have to say one of the easiest pets I ever did adopt. She’s 70 pounds of lab for sure. Updates to follow!

So, I’m home now and it is what it is. Back to work, Garden is looking fab and my hydrangias, before this last storm, were really lookin’ good.


Lily Pad, aka Puddin Pop is officially adopted and making life interesting. This was yesterday….

Lacey on the side eye……

Sadly I can take pictures of her all day. If anything ever happens and they have to crack my phone for clues this is what they’ll get….

Just random parting thoughts–I got a LOT done on my sock while I was gone and will take a pic of that for next time. My sweater front is almost done, I finished the barn picture and am working on a fall themed piece for the shop.

Have a happy July!

Happy 4th of July

Just wanted to hop on and wish everyone a happy and safe holiday. Certainly this fourth isn’t what people had planned. Or maybe it is what some people had planned…..I mean I probably would have stayed home, but by choice not because I had to.

The neighborhood has been celebrating since June so it should be loud. However, I’ll be up at Blane and Melanie’s in Veselyville NoDak.

It’s going to be hot and humid and unpleasant weather but I feel the need to get away for at least a weekend.

It may be my only trip out of town for the rest of the year….I do have the November OK trip on the books, but seriously, I’m just not sure I’ll feel comfortable by then to be running with 5 or so thousand of my closest friends. Sigh.

But since we’ve been stranded at home we have been doing some serious home improvements. When I get back I’ll share the story…..

It’s Heating Up

We’ve got some 90 degree weather here. Well, above 90 actually but the dew point is 57 which is messing with my head. That’s pretty dry for temps over 90 in Minnesota. The weather guy in Mpls said the dew point was in the upper 60’s, but according to my weather app that is not the case. I will say it feels like the dew point should be 70-it’s insta-sweat the minute you step outside. Walking down the driveway for the mail almost resulted in the need for a shower. It’s not pleasant. I measure all my discomfort by dew point. Here’s a little graphic that explains dew point:

I mean, that’s easy to understand. In the winter our dew point is in the 30’s which doesn’t even have an emoji to express it. It would be a combo of a happy face and a shivering sad face. Either way, we we are currently not in the comfortable zone, more like getting sticky to unpleasant so maybe my weather app is lying?

With all due respect, you are a liar.

We are now awaiting the remnants of Cristobal, the third named tropical storm of the season. Bring it Cristobal. But get it out of your system before Wednesday AM when I plan to be running.

Getting wind and rain the likes we haven’t seen since mid 1800’s. Damn.

Well anyway–I mean, I wouldn’t expect any less considering our current state of affairs with social unrest on top of covid-19. Unless one has been living under a rock (I tried, couldn’t find one big enough with central air) one knows what happened in Minneapolis last week. The murder of George Floyd has unleashed a torrent of unrest. And sadly, it’s only one more in a string of many unecessary murders by police (in addition to POC, there are is also problems of police violence against people with mental illness) Owning my white privilege, and I have white privilege, I am starting a donation pledge to donate money from each of my paychecks until the end of the year to non profits that work towards reducing social and racial injustice, or that help the undeserved and those in need. I donated last week to the Philando Castile fund. I’ll have to find one for next week. Brandi Carlile has been streaming concerts from her home and she runs the Looking Out Foundation who are supporting Campaign Zero. I might donate to that. I have to investigate more. If anyone has any ideas please send them on.

I am sick about all of it. I’ve had negative experiences due to being a female, especially in the 70’s and 80’s, but I never had to worry that I would be killed for my gender, like worrying about being killed for my skin color. It’s not a good comparison but it’s what I have. Sigh.

To take my mind off of it, you know…cats. There’s always that.

Lily Pad makes all things better. Most of the time. Except in the middle of the night when she bites my head. Then maybe not so much.

Oh, and there was this that came along from Facebook. I sometimes wonder about Facebook. It seems like it’s all ads about skorts I looked at last week, or some jeans I wanted, or a fake Rothy sale I almost got sucked into, or even posts from people I hardly even know. But when they suggested this as someone I might know and want to friend….well, let’s just say all is forgiven FB

Oh Facebook, it’s like you really know me.

I was tempted to Add Friend but I’m not quite sure how trustworthy Boozey Bear from Bellingham is. That’s how they get ya–find your weakness and then hone in. Well played but I’m not fallin’ for it. Even though–Boozey Bear……sigh.

I went for a wonderful 13.1 mile run last Saturday, and by wonderful I mean wonderful when I was done. I’m trying to do one 13.1 distance (1/2 marathon) monthly just to keep in shape for long runs. I’m not sure when I’ll actually race another one but for now at least I know I can run that far. And by run I mean jog….and walk. It was a beautiful day up on top of the hillside by the Rochester Airport–

Big sky and shady clouds. And about 60-65 degrees. AND a two mile down hill drop about 3ish miles from here.

Oh, and in other big news we painted our deck furniture. It was old teak that wasn’t regularly oiled or finished or anything so we (and by we I mean Dave) spray painted it white. It still needs another coat but I’m not standing outside in this weather painting those chairs. The wood was super thirsty but I think now, after about 4 coats, the paint will actually cover the wood instead of just soaking into it.

Quit sucking in the paint ya damn 30 year old furniture. Seriously too lazy and cheap to buy new. We are sad.

Oh my gosh. I buried the lead on this! The other day we were walking the dog early because it was going to be–you guessed it–really hot. So we left before my work and did a little neighborhood jaunt and when we got home Dave opened the door to the landing and said “Oh My God a crime scene”. Well, I know we didn’t leave the door open so there couldn’t be a dismembered bird in the house (besides I shamed Puddy into knocking that kind of behavior off or she would lose deck privileges) so I couldn’t imagine what they could have possibly done. I peeked around the corner to see the bird cage from the kitchen ledge on it’s top, bent and mangled, the bottom of the cage gone, and no cats to be seen. Birdie was up on the kitchen cabinet singing wildly. I’m sure he was thinking “I don’t know why the hell you leave me up here when there’ve been obvious issues in the past…..”

Puddy, not quite sure if this is how the plan was supposed to play out.

So, I went on a cat search and why I didn’t take a picture of said crime scene is beyond me because it was so incredibly blog worthy. I think was was a little concerned about what might have happened to the cat that rode the cage to it’s doom.

I found Lily Pad, aka Lil Pud, aka Puddin’ Pie, aka I could go on forever but it’s not important right now, in her room (she has her own bedroom that is gated off) still wet from where the bird water spilled on her. So I’m pretty sure she’s the one. But really, who can know for certain. I think what happened is she grabbed onto the back of the cage and pulled it over, going down with it. Or Puddy could have pushed her.

I’ll push that cat over, I swear I’ll do it as soon as I eat my kale dammit.

I blame the black and whites, as we call these two–

Each one plotting against the other, although Puddy, being older, has more experience-and the advantage of more body parts.

We now have Birdie in a safe cage that can’t be thrown over a a ledge to the floor below.

Happy Endings all the way round. Oh, and we have since added more perches and toys. Birdie spends a lot of time out of his cage tho, tormenting the cats and living his best life.

And that’s the round up here. Still trying to work out at home with no gym, still working at home with no office, still staying home with nowhere to go–BUT traveling is looking up and maybe, just maybe, I might go to Grand Forks for July 4th. Oh, just think–getting away for a couple of days. How exciting. But we’ll see. It could all change in a minute. Fingers crossed tho.

Enjoy June–cause it was a long time coming.

THAT was exhausting

It’s Just Cats

I downloaded pictures for this episode of the blog and, well, it’s just cats. There are a few landscape shots, food pics, and some cell phone screen grabs, but mostly….cats. I don’t even have one of the dog. I did take one of Dave..with a cat.

Dave with a cat

This is my personal pandemic story I guess. You see a lot of them out there. Mine is cats.

Oh, and also being a nurse. I’m not a bedside nurse but I do work with the elderly and am trying my best to keep them away from the hospitals and EDs. I pointed this out on FB but I’ll point it out here too. In all the hype and pictures and thank yous to our “heros” the pictures are of men and women in scrubs, with marks on their faces from masks, and haz mat gear or stethescopes hanging from their necks, either smiling broadly or looking like wrecks. Not all of us look like that. I wish they’d show the rest of us in our street clothes working to keep our sections of the population safe and healthy. And it’s not easy, let me tell you.

Angie and I living our best nurse life pre pandemic

So as you can see, we are nurses and we are meeting the dress and decorum requirements of our job which don’t include sweaty scrubs, at least for us. And although we look happy in the moment, there are many days of worry, frantic phone calls, referrals, concerned family members–it’s all nursing. It’s our job. I don’t consider myself an hero and wouldn’t even if I were at the bedside. I’d be doing my job.

PS I worked bedside for 6 years so I know the drill. It’s hard to be so busy you don’t get lunch, don’t get to the bathroom, have to suit up to provide care, get fit tested for N95 masks for TB patients, and have people you’re caring for die. Yep. It’s not an easy job.

That being said, let’s talk cats, shall we? I got a new cat that I’m “fostering”. Well, I had her before when she first came out of the vet after having her leg amputated, but now she’s back minus a tail. If she keeps losing body parts I’m not sure how long she’ll last.

No leg, stub tail…..

She gets around really well. When I first got her a few weeks ago she was very constipated and incontinent of urine. But no more. She’s going in the cat box and I don’t think she’s constipated. She certainly LOVES to eat. So my days at home, inbetween work and whatever else I find to do, are all about the cat pictures.

You can hardly even tell she’s missing some essential body parts.

Puddy hangs around me and spits at Lily Pad, aka Lil Puss. She would like it known she remains queen of the realm.

Ignore that interloper. I am here.

She helps out where she can.

Jack is way more mellow about the whole thing. He doesn’t get ruffled.

Jack lays where ever he wants when ever he wants.

So, yes to cats. Full disclosure-I have about 47 more pictures of the cats on my phone from the past three or four weeks. I think, though, for brevity, we’ll just stick with these.

Today, Sunday, this came up on my phone (remember my phone–constantly reminding of events I’m not attending?)

Yes, that’s a cat as my screen pic, problem with that?

Although honestly, I am a little happy they moved it back to its original date in September because this–

It’s raining. Has been raining since early this AM. Mpls is the 50 degree bubble-that’s where I would be about now. Dripping.

When they moved this race to May from September I was not all that thrilled because the weather in May is unpredictable. I seem to remember last year was wet and cold…..

This would be my 2019 finish photo–me in the green between the water drops on the camera lens.

Yeppers. I am thinking that September will be a much better month. I would like to sign up for a few fall races but I learned my lesson with the spring fiasco. But thinking maybe Grand Forks again? I did like that one. And I can visit Blane and Melanie too. Win win.

So, off to do some sewing, or knitting, or maybe cleaning out the closet. Unlike others who have been covid impaired, I have NOT cleaned out every nook and cranny. Actually, all my nooks and crannies remain untouched. Although I did briefly consider my closet this AM–but that ship has sailed.

Enjoy the week everyone. I am on a three day week followed by a four day Memorial Day weekend. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to my closet.