Ragnar SoCal-I Lost the Race

Well, as you recall last post I said something might happen about this race? Yep, I missed it. I missed the whole effing thing. I never got out of Minnesota. Ever.

So, on the Monday before the race they started talking about this weather event that was going to impact the area. In usual Minnesota weather reporting fashion no one was really sure how much, or when or exactly where. By Tuesday I was a little nervous, enough nervous to get a hotel on Wednesday so I’d be sure to be at the airport at 5 AM Thursday.

Well, the snow started around noonish on Wednesday.

I left around 2:30 for the two hour trip to Egan (it’s about an hour and 23 on a good day). Lots of cars in the ditch and people being stupid but I made it. I set up my shuttle for the next AM and hoped for the best.

The next day I got up early, got ready, got to the airport, got to the gate, got on the plane….and then it all fell apart.

It started with getting stuck leaving the gate. But still ok. We just needed to get the sanders out and get unstuck. And they were going to de-ice where we sat so we’d save time. Only they didn’t do that so after 30 minutes of sitting and watching the Delta flight next to us get de-iced and leave, we had to lumber over to the de-ice station and we got de-iced. OK, we are now an hour back but I can still make it. If I can just get to Seattle…..

After a few minutes the pilot said they had to plow the runway again but we had three hours on the de-ice so we’d still be okay. THEN he said the final words-the runway was too slippery and now the winds were too strong to de-ice again and they had no idea how long the runways would be down-but if it was over two hours we’d need to de-ice again and who knows when that would happen. It was still snowing and blowing and I was heart broken.

I got off the plane and I immediately called Alaska who said-‘Um, you were on what flight cause I see that flight has departed.’ OK, please refresh your screen customer service. And once she did she could see that MSP was shut down. They told us that no more planes were coming in to get us to Seattle today. Customer service told me I couldn’t get to LA tomorrow on AK. Delta could get me there for about 700-1000 round trip. By booking Alaska I had created a house of cards that collapsed under the weight of the blizzard. I love Alaska, don’t get me wrong, but they have limited flights out of MSP and if they shut down I’m done. I could have scrambled and tried to get stand by on something or other, but in my heart I knew I was done. All the planning and the looking forward to it and the thought of sunny weather and meeting my niece and her girlfriend–all gone. My volunteering and my van fam and all of it. I was in shock. It’s just so typical, although I’ve never had this hard of a stop before. Ever.

Excessive hardly describes it.

So I packed it in, got the shuttle, and came back home. But not before realizing I left my Kindle on board. I mean, how could it go any worse? And seriously? I didn’t even go anywhere and I left something on board. I drove home through the semi truck graveyard that was Hiway 52. How the news never reported the 10 semi’s and the closure of northbound lanes is beyond me. I made it home and they found my Kindle.

But I missed it all. And it looked so good. And I had it all planned and I was so looking forward to it. I’m near tears again just thinking about it so I have to find something to look forward too. (When I drove up on Friday to get my Kindle I cried most of the way up) It didn’t help that it was supposed to warm up and rain here, not continue to snow and certainly not be only in the 30’s through out the rest of the week AND today. (I’m lying, it’s going to be 46 today–although it will likely feel like the 30’s).

Katie sent updates from the race that she and Jillian ran

My team minus me.

And me? I did this….

We went out to dinner on Friday night to take the sting out of it.

It didn’t take the sting out of it but it was pretty.

Now the back yard, which had the one little circle of snow……

So close

Is now looking like this….

And now it’s Monday. I have to go into work for a while this afternoon. I guess that will be ok. It’s a busy week with meetings and things I honestly don’t care about right now.

I am supposed to go to Tucson in two weeks. That’s not a fun vacation but at least I’ll get out of town for a bit. Yarnover is the week before that, Martha will be here. Maybe that will cheer me up.

Either way–next time I have the back up plan, I leave a day earlier, and I save up for a possible same day airline ticket.

Thanks Girls, for doing my volunteer and running my legs–I owe you.

It’s Spring!

Not really.

Today’s weather event brought to you by me and my travel plans.

So, I am leaving tomorrow at oh seven hundred for LA. But we are in the midst of a weather issue so I get to drive up to the cities tonight and spend the night so I can make sure to get there. It is seriously annoying. As Cathy said the other day “You have to make peace with the weather”. Well, I’m not budging on this one–this is all the weather’s fault.

Last weekend I ran a race that was really quite nice. Goldy’s Run, a 10 miler. It was a nice day for a slow run.

It was quite pleasant, rather hilly but pleasant.

Afterwards, we had a nice brunch at the St. Paul Grill, complete with the post race bloody.

A Race Day Tradition
There were a lot of choices though……

We then traveled over to the Science Museum, and after that saw the musical Spamalot at the Ordway. It was great and we had good seats. I have some pics of the venue but my camera is currently buried in my bag so next post. I promise.

We babysat some dogs for Blane and Melanie at the end of March. We picked up the dogs in the cities and made a pit stop at Insight.

This wasn’t Splendid Moose-#truthinadvertising

Besides that it’s been pretty quiet.

I finished my sock monkey–His eyes are JEWELS!

OK-He’s not quite done in this picture but I guarantee, he is DONE.

I am on the way to SoCal later today. Actually I was supposed to leave early tomorrow and drive up to the airport but because we are having a blizzard I am going this afternoon. I’m running Ragnar SoCal from LA to San Diego-minus the huge part of Camp Pendleton. Funny how the military doesn’t want thousands of runners and hundreds of vans crossing over their base. I guess there’s a security issue? What?

So wish me luck. If it goes as it usually does it will be either unseasonably hot or cold, and I’ll get stuck somewhere due to weather. But maybe not……………

Puddy, hanging in the sun…in the sink.

Everybody’s Irish

Happy Late St. Patrick’s Day. I find it interesting that in Ireland, well, not so much. St Patrick was born in Roman Britain and then brought to Ireland as a slave. He escaped that and then ran away from the monastery and converted to Christianity. This was very long ago, in the 400’s or so. He then, supposedly, confronted the Druids and “abolished their pagan rites making Christianity more widespread”. Oh, and his name was Maewyn. You can read it all here. He did become the patron Saint of Ireland and he died on March 17th, 461.

It was when the Irish came to America that St. Patrick’s day became the thing that it is. We needed something to cheer us up, because back in the day the Irish in America weren’t so popular. Everyone needs to go back to those days and see how that felt, then come back to now and have a whole new outlook on people who are escaping oppression, starvation, and fear for their lives. But we can’t so just know the Irish struggled….a lot.

So, that’s what happened there. But on March 17th everybody’s Irish, right? On March 16th Cathy and I ran a race called Everybody’s Irish. Should have been called “Run like the wind on an icy covered road while trying not to fall down” but that’s too long a title for a race. I think it’s more accurate though.

It was supposed to be warmer…..

My weather curse stayed alive as it was supposed to be in the 30’s but was actually in the low 20’s. Of course it was. Thankfully there was no wind so really, the race wasn’t too unpleasant that way. It was just very slippery. It was a “you could break a hip” slippery.

But we survived and I was actually second in my age group. Yay for being faster than all the other people crawling on the ice.

The real fun started after the race. We did our favorite thing called the “Post Race Bloody”. With Medals. And a delicious brunch. The Urban Eatery.

And the rest is green beer history….

Everybody’s Irish

After recovering, this weekend is nice and sunny and warm. I’ve seen people walking around in shorts, although it’s not that warm. It’s Minnesota warm I guess.

We got out with the dog but did not wear shorts

The Sniffing Dog Under Blue Skies

Soon it’ll summer and hot and we’ll be in many less layers than this. For now, though, I think I’ll just enjoy spring.

Happy Birthday To Me

This past week was actually my birthday, although we celebrated last month at the party. It was a good birthday, one of the ones that ends in zero. Suffice to say the 6 year countdown to retirement starts now.

The weekend before my actual birthday we got tickets to see James Judd and Jen Kober. I’ve seen them before when I went to Snap Judgement Live in Minneapolis. They are very funny.

We drove over to Red Wing–of all places for them to be and the venue was pretty spectacular. We sat in the balcony and it was pretty empty. Dave said all the seats were marked as full so it must be season ticket holders or something cause whoever bought those tickets didn’t come. I’m not surprised and was actually very happy cause then I got to spread out! I should have sat in the front row…..why didn’t I?

This is the Sheldon Theater-

The show didn’t disappoint and I loved every minute of it. I think the audience did too.

So, that was fun and if you like humor and are fairly open minded you’ll like them. If you are a fan of Trump and homophobic then not so much. I loved it.

We had snow and then some more snow and now we look like this, except for last night we got more snow so we look like this and then some.

That’s a sheet of ice right there in the corner of our walkway-just as you turn to walk to our front door. It’s quite dangerous really, and am saving up for the lawsuit when some unsuspecting person slips on it. So far it’s only been me.

My birthday was a good celebration. I had the day off. Dave bought a cake (and a new travel lap top for me to replace that piece of crap Dell I’ve been using-yay) and Cody sent flowers. My sisters sent a box with the same number of presents as years I am old. Tricky.

It was quite a day, ending with this:

Of course, the cats were in on the celebration in their own way–the flowers have been snacked on and spilled…..

I’m sure they can’t see me

And so the week has passed and on to the next. I have a race next weekend which should be interesting since running outside hasn’t been much of an option and running on the treadmill/short track is ever so boring. But we’ll see.

In the meantime, we did have a bit of a sad day when we had to say bye to our Manny, aka Man Man. He was so weak and miserable but always tolerant and very kind. We gave him a good couple of years up to the end. And in an exit only Manny could orchestrate, he peed and pooped in the vet’s office. That’s our boy.

It’s pretty quiet with only Lacey, who is a force of nature all by herself.

So, happy birthday to me until next year.

New beer is in the house……

Going West

February was another travel month for me-to events I look forward to all year long.

(Before I begin though, special instructions for viewing–if you click on the gallery pictures they embiggen and you can scroll through them at your leisure)

February is the month to go west–Stitches West with a stop in Tacoma to spend time with my BFF Nina.

But to recap, I returned home from the Netherlands the third week of January or so. It was still cold and snowy for sure.

We bought a new game called Ticket to Ride so instead of going outside we stayed in and played it.

It’s really fun. Next up Catan.

We also got Catan but we need three players and we only have two and no friends. So….We’ll see how that goes.

It was relatively quiet for the weeks leading up to my next trip. Although there were a few events.

Social Ice is an event that goes on downtown. It’s ice bars and sculptures in the Peace Plaza downtown. Last year it sort of went sideways when we decided to celebrate my graduation from my Master’s program. Again, tequila shots are never a good idea. Never.

However, this year was much quieter.

We had some boozy hot chocolate (that’s what they called it-it was hot chocolate with a splash of Vanilla liquer–seriously delish). It was pretty cold cause that’s the trend this winter so we didn’t last long.

We decided it was time for some sushi so off we went to the Sushi place.

Mine came with landscapes. It was so good.

One more week and it was off to the west. For some reason I am getting the sweet choice of exit row so my trip out to Seattle was highly comfortable, even though I didn’t fly my usual out west first class routine.

First stop, Nina’s house for a fabulous birthday party. We had all sorts of travel plans for our birthday which sort of fell through due to time and money and family. So instead, Nina planned a great get together and I got a great cake.

I mean, seriously.

People I hadn’t seen in forever and people I had seen and people I met. It was the best party I have been to in years. Maybe cause it was for us but mostly because it was a great group and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time.

And us….

Legends are born in March 1959

I have no words to describe how much fun I had. And how much work it was to put on a party–but that’s what friends are for!

Oh, and did I mention to cioppino?

We ate it for three days…..

We spent the next three days hanging out and seeing the sights. We took a drive the next night down memory lane and priced houses. Bottom line–It’s expensive to live there.

We also took a walk on the water, cause, well, Tacoma. We walked over to “Point Rustin”, the newest and shiniest development built on an old slag pile. Yep. For those of us that are from there it’s sort of hard to get over. But I guess they cleaned all the asbestos out and it’s safe to live and breathe there. At least that’s what they say.

It’s quite the place.

The Long View

I saw my friend Shari at Stanley and Seaforts and my friend Ashley at Dirty Oscar’s. And got pictures of neither. I have been sort of bad on the picture thing lately.

On Wednesday back down to Stitches West in Santa Clara California. Yep–the biggest knitting event of the year.

Our Sweet Hotel Room

We did all the things we do at Stitches-we took our walks-

And had our Stitches West Celebratory Champers

Met up with Kathy and Debra and hit the fashion show

Some things were crazy, but some were beautiful-you be the judge.

There was a most sparkly shawl but I didn’t get a picture of it. I wish I had. It’s so hard to photograph the models cause they are moving AND the lighting etc etc. But it was enjoyable as always.

I took two great classes, one about Entrelac (a style of knitting) and one about cast on and bind off. I learned a lot. I love to take classes. I was just reading a comment on Ravelry, and I know people like this too, that said they have a hard time choosing classes cause the classes are “stale” or the person already knows all the things and there’s nothing more to learn. What? There’s always something to learn. Even if you know the stuff the teachers usually have something new to offer. I knew Entrelac but I did learn some new stuff that made a difference to how I do it. Keep your mind open. It saddens me that people think they can’t grow just a little bit more.

My sister Martha knitted a wine cork cozy. See? That’s what she learned and I think it could be a thing.

It wasn’t originally meant to be a wine cork cozy but see what an open mind can do?

All too soon it was time to go. Back to Seattle in my exit row seat.

I had a dilemma with the peep hole in my hotel in Seattle (yes I had to stay over and no it didn’t end well). It’s my habit to cover them (thanks Dateline or whatever show had some creeper looking through peep holes in hotels). I had to find something to stick over it and I eventually resorted to the only sticky thing I had….

It worked.

Off to home the next day-this time in my sweet first class seat.

Thank you Alaska, you never disappoint. And you never cancel.

Dave had already panicked about the weather early in the week and had booked me on a shuttle. Sadly, when I arrived nothing was going down the road. NOTHING. I would have gone down the road but I had no car. The shuttle service, Groome, wasn’t all that customer friendly. Really. I wouldn’t recommend but it might be the only game in town. Note to self, always drive your vehicle to the airport. Always.

I was stranded and I just wanted to be home. So my home away from home was the Hilton Garden Inn.

Snow, but not as much as on the road supposedly
So, this.

Breakfast the next AM at the Hilton was a 13.95 bowl of oatmeal. I actually had two so it was really only 7 dollars…..

Thanks Hilton

But finally, FINALLY, I made it back home. Late in the afternoon but home. Just in time to get back to work. Just.In.Time.

So, now we move on. It’s March already. I don’t know how that happened. I have a 10K in two weeks. That should be interesting. I wonder if I will need special footwear to run in the snow and ice. I hope it’s above 20.

Happy Spring.

The Netherlands-Part Two

This is part two of my Netherlands story on my new blog site on WordPress. Let’s see how it goes. I added a few things to the site so far, a banner from Ireland and some blogs I follow. I hope this works so much better than blogger. Soon I should be able to use my own domain name, which is Sarahsday.me I think. But I have to wait another couple of months for that.

Anyway, let the show begin.

We went from The Hague to Amsterdam on Wednesday AM by train. Love that.

We didn’t take the bus back to the hotel, although I’m sure we could have. It’s just that it was sort of drizzly and we wanted to get going cause we had things.to.do.

We started walking and got to Rembrandt Square….

..where I met up with a few friends.

Quite the statuary. We went to Stephen and Penelope where I bought some much needed yarn. It was a great place.

And I forgot to say I also bought yarn in The Hague at Cross and Woods. Not sure how I forgot to mention that piece of information. Jeepers, I’m slipping.

In the Hague, not Amsterdam.

But back to Amsterdam….

We went to the Museum of Bags and Purses. I know what you are thinking. It sounds like a lot of looking at women’s purses but it was not. It was the BEST. May I point out the original bags and purses belonged to men. Yes, you heard me. MEN.

I wish I had taken more pictures but there was just so much there. It was fascinating. One of the first “bags” was the bundle on a stick. The science has evolved for sure.

We had lunch there and again, not disappointed. I must have eaten pounds of goat cheese whilst in Amsterdam and am now having a major Jones for their delicious goat cheese salads.

We were walking back to the hotel when Debbie said ‘Look at that cat”. And lo and behold we were in the Kattenkabinet. It was insane. And, if I may say, just my cup of tea. I think it benefits cats but I just can’t find the information and the lady at the desk wasn’t all that helpful.

Anyway, it was full of cat stuff. Debbie found the stuffed and mummified cats disturbing but I found it all just so fabulous. Yes, fabulous.

I actually have this one in my house.

But my most favorite of all? Onbekend, by A Willette, 1850

Am I right? The BEST.

I’m sure people may find this a little odd, but if you knew my cat Puddy you’d understand completely.

Anyone see a resemblance?

Anyway, Moving on. There were also live exhibits.

After our fun day out and about we got back to the hotel and to our room. We actually had a suite at the Ambassade. It was pretty nice (I was going to say sweet but I couldn’t bring myself to do that). The only little problem was the guests before us were smokers and, well, you can guess what happened. At least I can. You see, it was very steep stairs going up and down and I’m sure it was easier to open a window and think that it wouldn’t stink if you smoked out the window. Nope and all the nopes.

So, as you can see, the smokers did not want to traverse the steep steps. After much airing out, and about 24 hours of non stop spraying and window opening it was almost gone.

Our view from said windows:

They were having a festival of lights there so I tried to get a view of the lanterns over the canal at night. It was right in front of our hotel and quite fabulous.

The next day was a bit cool and rainy. We had a two hour city walking tour with Barbara, our guide. It was probably the rainiest and coldest day we had, of course. However, it was a great tour.

These pictures were the start of our tour. This is a very old part of Amsterdam, The Begijnhof, which dates back to the middle ages and has the oldest wooden house in Amsterdam. I think it was a place for women, possible single mothers, but I can’t find that anywhere. Needless to say, it was beautiful.

We went all around Amsterdam, to the main square, and to hidden inner courtyards of the university, to the waterfront, and admired the all the architecture of the city.

As you can see, we went a lot of places in two hours. As with our other guide Rob, Barbara was impressed with our walking ability. They must guide some pretty slow people. We were impressed with her rain coat and promptly found where they were sold and bought one each for ourselves!!

After our tour we visited the Ann Frank house. You can’t take pictures there but it was solemn. It’s hard to get a feel for it though because there are a lot of people there and it’s empty. When Otto Frank returned the Nazi’s had emptied out the rooms and so he wanted to keep it empty.

Since it was the festival of lights we got tickets and went on a canal tour. Covered boat, thank you very much. I didn’t get many great pictures but I will say the lights were really cool. They were either over the canals or to the side. Some examples:

My favorite night light exhibit was this one based on Van Gogh. It was fairly close to our hotel and we saw it a lot.

I can’t even begin to post how it looked, just suffice to say it was amazing.

The next day we hopped over to the Van Gogh museum. May I say that the Netherlands has kind of an issue with early breakfast? No place, I mean no place opens for breakfast before nine. The hotel did, but I think it was pretty pricey to eat there.

The Van Gogh was another place one couldn’t take pictures, although I saw cheaters doing so. Van Gogh was prolific, I’ll say that. I watched a documentary on his life which was film set to a narration of his letters to his brother, of which there are over 800. It was obviously hard to be in his head.

We did get a picture next to the sunflower wall, in our matching coats!

We love our coats.

We spent the rest of the morning walking and shopping. Did I mention that we bought some delicious cheese on our first day? Lord have mercy the Dutch know how to make cheese.

Sorry Wisconsin, you have a long way to go…..

Of course, we saw a lot of sights and it was a beautiful day for our last day.

We walked to lunch and then over to the Resistance Museum. There was a very active resistance to the Nazi invasion and ultimate take over of the Netherlands. At first, when it all happened the Dutch sort of gave in to it. But then when it got real, they resisted, and in a pretty big way.

This was part of our walk too-

And we returned in the late afternoon to our last night at the hotel, ate dinner and the next morning, Saturday, I got up to this….

Even though the average price is 7000 euro’s per square meter, or 737 dollars per square foot, I could get used to this view.

Sadly, my week was up and it was time to go. Sigh.

We had someone take the suitcases down the steep stairs and got on our way. When the Dutch need to move, they have hooks on the buildings and they hoist up the boxes and furniture.

We just got a guy. Our suitcases weren’t that heavy.

Back to Schiphol I went. That is a great airport, by the way. and off I flew.

See ya someday Amsterdam.

The only thing I really saw out the window that was blogworthy was the windmill farm…in the ocean. Whaat? Technically could have been the English channel and not so technically it’s the North SEA, not ocean. Either way, they put windmills out there….

So, up next-life as I know it.

But before I go, let me leave you with a few more images of the Netherlands….

The Netherlands-Part One

Sarah’s Day

Here I am, back again for the past threeish weeks. And ready to blog my trip to the Netherlands.

I spent a week in The Hague and Amsterdam, with a side trip to Delft. I went with my sister Debbie and we had so much fun. (She texted me and said she had so much fun so I feel I can speak for her about this).

I flew from Minneapolis to Amsterdam, leaving at 3 PM and getting there at 6 AM. The time change is 7 hours ahead. I like the red eye like that because you can power through the day and even though you can barely keep your eyes open by 6 PM, you are acclimated to the time in one day. I had heard horror stories about TSA back ups, long lines, and crowded terminals. Not so much. TSA took 5 minutes and there was no one in the terminal while I waited. And, for some reason, I don’t have a picture of the airport or terminal, but it seems like I should.

This is the only one.

It isn’t too exciting I guess.

I landed in Amsterdam and a driver picked me up. That was different. But I felt very important. I tried to get a different driver to take me but he was having none of it. I was NOT that person. I kept thinking of the Seinfeld episode….

I’m O’Brien…..

Anyway, I got to the hotel in Amsterdam, The Ambassade and met up with Debbie and Jay. We had breakfast and then headed out on foot to the Rijksmuseum. We didn’t see all the Rembrandts as that exhibit wasn’t there yet, but we did see quite a few. The museum was AWESOME! (All the museums were AWESOME, with a capital AWESOME).

The view from their room:

And what I saw when I walked outside—

We got to the Rijks and it did not disappoint.

After the Rijks we returned to the hotel and caught a bus and then a train to The Hague, dropping Jay off in Leiden.

I loved taking the bus and the train. It is like being a real tourist. Since it was mid January there really weren’t a lot of people traveling, but I will say there were a lot of people in Amsterdam. The roads are narrow and there are a lot of bikes. Most people ride bikes because having a car is expensive and the roads really aren’t conducive to cars.

The lesson learned early on is that you don’t hear bikes coming and bikers do not stop for anyone. It only took one near miss to learn that lesson.

Our hotel, Des Indes,  in The Hague was nothing short of awesome (I know, I keep using that word but really, it’s such a great descriptor of the whole experience). Heated bathroom floors, big room, quiet, opulent. Just, everything.

This is the square in front of our hotel, which is the yellow building just to the right behind the statuary.

A close up

And our view—

Our bathroom with heated floors-

Our room—panorama style

We shopped and ate and fell asleep early cause I’d been up pretty close 30 or so hours with light plane napping which doesn’t equal rest at all.

The next day we took the train (I love that) to Delft.

This is the old train station in Delft and the bikers you gotta look out for

Although we don’t have great public transit here, there are some things that are universal……

That would be my half caf…..

We had a great day in Delft.

We walked to the pottery factory and saw some lovely canals and the tippy church tower. (Really, that tower leans)

We then got to the pottery factory where the original Royal Delft Blue is made.

There was so much to see there. The pottery is hand painted and this is one of the painters.

She said it would take her only 8 hours to paint this vase. Impressive.

During all the manipulation of trying to blog today this picture went from crystal clear to blurry.

They had a lovely garden

And they had a huge tile replica of Rembrandt’s The Night Watchman

Yep, there we are in front of it.

And my favorite piece, the Royal Delft Cow

I bought a thimble, it was all I could afford.

We walked in the city and looked at the city gates.

We went to the place where Vermeer painted The Little Street

We went to the New Church (Neuwe Kerk) and climbed up the tower. Our guide said he’d never been up the tower before. What? Who has he been guiding???

The inside of the church—just as impressive

Many important people are buried here, and there is an opening in the floor to the crypt below where royalty are buried. Back in the day, 400 or so years ago, when it would get warm the odor of the deceased was quite prominent. Our guide told us that is where the saying “Stinking Rich” originated from. 

The city hall is right across the way-

We had lunch with our guide, then we took off to see the Old Church…

Here lies Vermeer.

Overall, a beautiful city to see and walk in.

We headed back by train and ate a delicious dinner.

The next day in the Hague we went to the Mauritshuis.

This was the view along the way…

I saw so many great paintings and took so many pictures—but here are a few favorites-

Avercamp, Ice Scene, 1610

This one—Potter, The Bull, 1647

Read about it here—Who knew?? Most Famous…..

I’m sure this is also one of the most famous—

Vermeer, The Girl with the Pearl Earring, 1665

There were so many paintings, It was overwhelming at times!!

But one of my most favorite things was the light fixtures-light fixtures are a thing in the Hague.

Order me up a set. Having learned a bit of history here I suppose that in the past there were real arms….

Shopping was next and,  of course, look what I found to do…..


In the afternoon we hit the Escher Museum which was right by our hotel—I could see it out our window in fact.

Remember what I said about light fixtures??

Once done we again had a lovely meal, have I mentioned the food was fabulous, every.single.meal. Fab-you-lous. I was never disappointed.

On Wednesday we got up and hopped the train back to Amsterdam, where I will start the second part of my Netherlands adventure.